Release your inner athlete with our high intensity and high energy workouts. These supercharged classes can be found in our studios, on our treadmills and on our specially designed Rig or Retro Gym. Proven to kick start your metabolism making you stronger, leaner, fitter, faster.


This high-intensity metabolic conditioning workout uses a mix of upper body and lower body exercises combined with cardio intervals for a super-toned body. Mixing weight based work and compound power moves using studio equipment to build a lean and strong physique. Burn it, firm it.

SWEAT X (Treadmill/floor/rig)

The most effective way to define and sculpt your body. 20-25 mins interval training on the treadmill combined with 20-25 mins of conditioning work using hand weights and pull up bars to give the maximum fat burn torching up to 1000 calories.

SPEED FIENDS (Treadmill)

No more pounding the treadmill for hours, get a lean and toned body fast! This class, designed in collaboration with an Olympic sprinter will improve speed and power. Sections of progressive running interspersed with Sprint intervals and inclines will torch calories working the whole body.


More than just a circuit class! High intensity interval training with short breaks between each station of metabolic boosting exercises with a few added cardio “shocks” thrown in. Expect a range of exercises and equipment to work every muscle in your body.


Our take on the tabata protocol is proven to improve your fitness in the most efficient way; 20 second bursts of high intensity training followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minute intervals to increase performance and decrease body fat. Challenge yourself using bodyweight exercises and dumbells in this 45 min class knowing that the effects will last long after its over.


Need to add some variety into your workouts? Welcome to the Rig. The exercises you can do on the equipment in the functional training Rig area are limitless. Working on our purpose built frame and using calisthenics strength training, think gymnastic exercises like pull ups and monkey bar swings combined with classic moves like squats and push ups. This is a workout everyone should try.


The Hypoxic chamber mimics training at altitude with a lower oxygen content in the air to maximise your training. 5 machines, 5 minutes each, 5 ways to super-charge your fitness.


The foundations of AFTERBURNER are firmly rooted in EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), this widely varied high intensity functional training workout torches calories for hours after the class.


Your Workout of the Day. Expect “EMOMs” and “AMRAPs” as standard and be prepared to dig deep and push hard. Combining effective high intensity training and strength work in an encouraging and motivating environment.

The place for motivation. Intense cycling workouts that burn calories, improve fitness and get endorphins flowing all powered by energetic music and instructors. We’re in this together.


A cycle class that promotes fun, sharp moves and challenges both the brain and the body, all riding to the beat. Enjoy vibrant upper body combinations that connect with the music. This class plays with musicality and rhythms to make you feel a sense of achievement as you’re riding in sync with the music and at the same time becoming more coordinated.


A cycle class that uses hand weights to add resistance to the upper body, giving riders a total body workout. This class consists of 25% weights whilst riding to the beat. Hand weights are provided and used together with cycling to provide both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.


High Intensity Interval Training on a cycle bike. The use of timings and intensity to create a non-stop workout of MAXIMUM EFFORT intervals. Designed to make the heart stronger, to improve fitness levels so you see results sooner.


The Watt bike is the most advanced indoor bike with cutting edge digital technology to really maximise your performance. The classes run through a variety of training programs and time trials monitoring heart rates, zones and effort levels. All done in the saddle, not riding to the beat.


High intensity cycling intervals. This class is based on Slow, Steady, Sprint, Stop on the bike to the beat of the music.


A cycle class that represents each instructors’ own style. Incorporating upper body, movements, climbs and sprints. Designed to build cardiovascular fitness, to make you sweat and enjoy riding as a team.


Poweride is a competitive group cycle class that uses live visual data to encourage maximum effort. Chase down your PB, chase down the best in the room.

Close your eyes, clear your mind, let's begin. Whether you’re a fan of Vinyasa Flow or
Love the ballet style movement of Barre, Third Space Mind & Body program is flexible. Improve flexibility and core strength, prevent or overcome injury and feel focused after every class. Namaste to that.


Athletic vinyasa practice; dynamic, physically and spiritually energizing form of yoga that sculpts, hones and tones every muscle in the body. Yoga techniques characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath.


Using postures and conscious breathing in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength, flexibility and relaxation. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength and a sense of well-being.


The most athletic and physically demanding form of yoga, a series of set postures practiced in sequence. Each of our expert instructors has their own unique style to keep your practice interesting.


Yin Yoga is slow and meditative. Poses are held for 4 minutes for deep stretching of the body’s connective tissues and joints.


Fast and strong. Rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, this challenging and playful flow incorporates inversions, arm balances, back-bends and standing balances to powerful, upbeat music.


Enter stretches and postures, deeply and safely. A hot environment keeps muscles warm and supple, while boosting blood circulation and detoxify through perspiration.


Get a completely balanced workout with our pilates-fit classes. No muscle is ever over or under-trained. Pilates is a blend of flexibility and strength training which improves posture and form and supports you with training, toning, recovering and in every day life.


Ballet-inspired movements help create a long, lean body. Conditioning and core is the focus. Feel the burn, see the results.


Set to the beat of the music, this full body workout uses ballet and Pilates inspired isometric strength training techniques to build and strengthen long, lean muscles.

Strong body, strong mind. Weight based exercise is the fastest way to build lean muscle and shape your body. Our expert trainers will help you to sculpt and define with the right techniques to see results.


Alternating between upper body and lower body exercises to give you banging biceps and a super-toned body. Using a weighted bar or heavy dumbells and mixing weight based isolation work and compound power moves to build a lean and strong physique.


A full body workout using dumbells designed to define & tone every muscle & improve muscular strength & endurance. Each week focus on a different muscle group for extra burn. Bring on sculpted shoulders, toned triceps, chiselled back and abs, firm glutes and more.


Don’t expect to just lie on the floor in this class. If you want to improve your core strength and posture and look your AB-solute best this focused workout does just that.


High rep light to medium weight training exercises taken from the gym to the studio and set to popular music. Achieve a toned, lean look and wake up your body, whatever your fitness level.


TRX suspension training delivers a fast, effective total-body workout whilst building a rock-solid core. Use your own body weight and gravity to work every muscle in your body with the help of one versatile tool.


A small group class using the weighted ViPR bars to improve overall strength.


A powerful full body workout, improve your core strength and muscular endurance. A range of Kettlebell exercises hit every major muscle, build power and shred body fat.


It’s a Lucky Dip! This class will use a deck of cards to determine the sequence of the body weight conditioning exercises.


A 45 minute full body conditioning workout designed to sculpt and tone the arms, legs, glutes and core through the use of resistance loop bands. Each exercise is performed at three different tempo variations which will enable full muscle fibre recruitment to help strengthen the muscle and improve range of movement. The workout ends with an abdominal blast finisher followed by a deep relaxing stretch.


Push yourself to the limit. Get lean and strong fast. A mobility warm up is followed by 4 sets of 4 exercises using a mat, step & light/heavy pairs of dumbbells. Extreme means active rest is the closest thing to a break in this high octane session.

Excitement, intensity, everything you want from a workout. From traditional boxing and bag-work to kickboxing and sport-specific conditioning, work up a sweat and work off any pent up aggression.


Tae-Bo style boxing with cardio moves thrown in and push ups and squats to tone. An intense and challenging fat burner.


Exclusive to Soho this is a boxing class strictly for women! With our very own and the original Cathy "The Bitch" Brown. Covering everything from how to throw a good punch to how to duck one! Get confident using the pads and leave the class feeling fighting fit!


Experience the art of kickboxing for a great cardiovascular workout leaving you feeling strong, fit and empowered, without the pressures of grading.


The high intensity fun workout that makes getting in shape an addiction. Set to music, the program is a combination of boxing, kick boxing and dance. FIGHT KLUB® is a workout built around a freestanding professional grade punch bag using simple combinations of kicks and punches whilst keeping time with the high energy beat.


A predominantly ground based martial art where you focusing on sound technique and the use of leverage over brute force.


This form of kickboxing is an intense conditioning full-body workout, focusing largely on the technical aspect of the martial art.


Learn how to box with a combination of padwork, cardio drills and body resistance fitness. Please bring your wraps or purchase them at reception.


For the more experienced boxer this class uses a combination of pads, cardio and body resistance fitness. Please bring your wraps or purchase them at reception.

SPARRING by invite only

Fine tune your skills with sparring using Western boxing techniques or Thailand`s deadly art Muay Thai. Involves Technical drills and specific movements to help improve your game. NOTE: the class is for advance participants only, hand wraps, head guards, shin guards groin guard and gum shields must be worn at all times during full contact. (Shin guards and gum shields not provided).


Combat Skills fuses authentic martial arts movements to energizing music. It’s a unique studio-based workout designed to be accessible and fulfilling for all levels. No ring, no bags, no wraps. The class is split into mobility, banded agility work, mixed martial arts movements using weights and finishing with core conditioning and yoga cool down.

Learn from the pros in a fun filled session designed for any level. Turn up, have fun and enjoy the music.


Zumba is a feel-happy workout that combines a motivating fusion of Latin and international music with unique moves and dynamic combinations that allow you to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be "Fun and Easy to Do".


Let it all go, lose yourself in the music and feel like a superstar. Learn some urban moves to take you from the studio to the club. No Dance experience needed.


Full-Body cardio and muscle conditioning.

This step-based Cardio workout is suitable for all-levels, with a wide variety of moves that keep all abilities progressing. Great music, huge fun, high motivation.

Our specialist classes vary across clubs and by season but include antenatal classes specially designed to help with pregnancy and regeneration classes to help you recoup.


Learn how to safely stretch and breathe as well as relaxation techniques to help boost energy and help prepare for labour.


Using foam rollers and stretching to release tight muscles also known as myofascial release. Like a massage without the table.


Level 1 climbing class for those getting comfortable with the wall, the physical requirements and their strength.


Learn how to improve your technique and how to climb more efficiently on the ever challenging wall. For intermediate climbers looking for an extra challenge.


Seasonal class - only at Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf (coming soon)


Whether you are prepping for a triathlon or interested in low impact endurance training this swim class will deliver. Progressive drills and stamina sets combined with analysis of your stroke technique, body position and breathing will get you swim fit.


Improve your overall form and technique to develop a perfect stroke while building your fitness.


A Circuit Bootcamp class in the water. Use the resistance of the water to work your muscles even harder.

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