Formula 3 at Third Space

This is the Formula to get you fit, fast. A competitive, high intensity circuit with 3 targeted blocks, for a full spectrum workout.

First, cardio on Concept2 rowing machines; Second, strength with kettlebells and dumbbells; Finally, athletic power and speed with bodyweight exercises.

Get fit in 3… 2… 1

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All SystemS Go

Carefully curated with 3 blocks of 3 exercises to activate all 3 energy systems. Improve your; speed, strength and endurance in this high intensity, all round athletic workout.

Performance Data

The Concept2 rower provides you with constant performance feedback with every stroke. The machine’s display details all the information you need to ensure that your moving moving closer to your fitness objective.

Beat Boredom

Bored? Not anymore. Each class is made up of constantly varied, high-intensity movements. With new AMRAPs and EMOMs each week, you may be rowing, squatting or swinging but you’ll never be bored.

Class Times

You can book our classes up to 48 hours before they start.

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