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Third Space BJJ Master Trainer Marek

This is Mastery

Led by Master Trainer Marek Polnik, our academy has some of the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainers in London, including European and World Champions.

With just 16 academy members in each class, you’ll get more dedicated attention for pointers and feedback. More time for mastery.

Full-service facilities for multi-functional athletes

Combat Zone

Padded walls cover dedicated combat zones at Soho and Moorgate. Intimate class sizes ensure there are no overcrowded mats, so there’s space for you to really move.

Build strength

Your practice continues beyond the mat. Luxury, multi-functional facilities give you access to best-in-class strength training equipment, sprint and sled track, and award-winning fitness classes to help you get stronger.


World-class training deserves world-class support. Go further with yoga classes to improve flexibility and strength, plus sauna, Hyperice massage guns, and Normatec air-compression boots to boost muscle recovery. Everything you need to get you ready for your next session.

Beginner or black belt, hone your skills with world-class training

Hone skills

Whether you’re training for a competition, working towards your next belt, or looking to learn crucial self-defence skills to build confidence.


Join a group of like-minded people on their own Brazilian jiu-jitsu journeys. Regularly match with members on your level so you continue to be challenged and deepen your skills.


Come together with Academy members from Moorgate and Soho for an annual belt awarding ceremony.

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