Club Etiquette

Gym Floor

We ask that all members return their weights and wipe down equipment after use. Please also share equipment where needed, either when resting in between sets, or by training together.

Please do not occupy training spaces whilst on social media or using your phone, to keep equipment free for those wishing to train.

Phones and Photography

Please be mindful of the privacy of other members. We operate a no tripod policy in all areas of the club other than vacant studio spaces and request that you do not take photos or videos with other members in view.

It is strictly prohibited to use cameras or make video calls around the pool, wet spaces or changing rooms, and phones are not permitted in any of the wet areas.

Phone calls should be kept to a minimum.

Pool and Spa Loungers

We request members do not reserve loungers with their towels and/or personal items. Items left unattended will be collected by a member of our team.

Environmental Impact

As part of our ESG plan, we are focusing on several environmental initiatives, including reducing our water consumption. You can help us achieve this goal by only using the towels that you need. This will save water by preventing unnecessary laundering.

Communal Seating

To ensure that communal spaces are available for all members, we request that you do not use club lounges as workspaces or for video calls. We understand taking work calls may sometimes be necessary, but using the spaces for several hours prevents other members from being able to relax before or after training.

Thank you for your continued contribution to providing a respectful and inclusive community for all Third Space members. Should you have any questions about our club rules, please don’t hesitate to speak to your concierge team who are happy to help.