Booking rules

Exercise class booking rules

Our class booking system is available at all our clubs other than at Canary Wharf and you are able to make a booking from 48 hrs before.

If you change your mind, cancellation is available up until 4 hours before the start of the class. Later notification will be classified as a no-show.

When a class is full, you will be able to book onto a waiting list.

If a place becomes available, you will be sent an email to say you have been moved into the class but can cancel if you choose.

(If you move from the waiting list into a class you will not generate a no-show or late cancellation)

If you fail to show for four classes within a calendar month, your booking rights will be automatically suspended for the duration of one week. This notification will take the form of an email.

This policy maximises the potential number of class slots available to members.

PT Bookings

Payment Terms

Expiry Dates

DD Cancellation Terms

Session Attendance Terms


Spa cancellation

Please kindly cancel any spa treatment bookings 24 hrs before your session if you cannot attend. Unfortunately, no refund or exchange can be offered on treatments cancelled without 24hr notice.

Little Space Swimming Terms

Course details

Payment Terms

Direct Debit Terms

E.g. submit cancellation on 31st May, June (notice) direct debit may be more or less than usual to take into account sessions run up until the end of June.

Session Attendance Terms


Swim Lesson Rules

We are very pleased to have a dedicated swimming pool for our junior members, a place for them to learn to swim and love exercise and fun in the water.

To ensure that your children are safe at all times we have outlined below the areas where we need to have parent/carer help and support during swimming lessons and also your much loved free time in the swimming pool.

We have tried to cover the key areas where it is important to have understanding and cooperation from you, as follows: