Thigh Stretch on the Pilates Reformer at Third Space

Reformer Pilates
Strengthen. Stretch. Control.

Russian Splits on the Pilates Reformer at Third Space

Meet the Reformer

One piece of equipment, endless workout opportunities. Fitted with straps, springs and a sliding carriage, the Reformer takes you from lying to seated to standing Pilates exercises.

Improve posture, strength, and flexibility at your own pace and build the backbone of your training.

All included in your Third Space membership.

Low-impact, full-body workout for all fitness levels

Feel better

As a holistic exercise system, Pilates is designed to elongate and strengthen the body, build a strong core and improve posture.

Move better

Slower-paced beginner classes to find balance. Progressively challenging advanced classes to push your limits. Find your fit with a Reformer Class that suits you.

Perform better

Helping to support you in the sports you love most (and prevent injury) be it running, cycling, swimming, weight-training, golf, or tennis. Everyone benefits from the functional workout system of Reformer Pilates.

World Class Instructors

Education is at the heart of how we teach.

With decades of experience and training at world-class institutions, our instructors go beyond simply telling and showing what to do.

They educate, helping members become fitter, stronger and move with confidence.

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You can book our classes up to 48 hours before they start.

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