Club Updates.

Updated: 12/04/2020

All Third Space clubs are now open.

Our spectacular outdoor training spaces in Canary Wharf & Tower Bridge are also still open, and host our most popular classes, 7 days a week. Click here for more info.

Please read the FAQ section below so you have all the latest information.

How much will my May Direct Debit be?
Your next DD will depend on when you last made a payment to the club, if you subsequently requested a freeze, and your reactivation date. Our team have calculated your next payment taking all these factors into consideration, you will not be charged for any days the club was closed, or you froze for membership.

How much are the outdoor classes and how can I book?
Classes are £20 each, and you can book through EventBrite, or you can re-activate your membership early to enjoy unlimited classes.

Can I bring a guest to the outdoor classes, and can I use a guest pass?
Guest are very welcome, simply book a slot through EventBrite, classes are £20 per person. Guest passes cannot be used for these classes.

Can I use the club facilities whilst the outdoor classes are on? We are not permitted to open the club facilities before 12th April, there will be space to store your belongings.

I’m not a Canary Wharf or Tower Bridge member, can I still access the outdoor classes?
Yes all members are welcome, either by activating your membership early, or paying £20 per class via EventBrite.

When do the sauna & steam rooms open?
In line with Government guidelines, these services should re-open on 17th May 2021.

When will instructor lead, indoor group exercise classes recommence?
In line with Government guidelines, these classes should recommence on 17th May 2021.

Can I use the studio’s before 17th May for my own training?
Yes you are welcome to book studio space or utilise the gym floor for individual training. Delve into one of our 350+ app workouts, led by our world-class trainers, whilst utilising the start of the art equipment and facilities that our clubs offer.

I don’t wish to re-activate my membership from 12th April
If you do not wish to immediately return to the club once it opens, you can request a new or freeze extension here. You will need to inform us of a future re-activate date. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit.

I’m thinking of cancelling my membership
Sorry to hear this, to discuss your options, simply email our membership team.

My membership is paid annually
Annual memberships will be extended for the period the club is closed.

Will unused PT sessions be rolled over?
Yes your account will be updated and all unused sessions extended.

Will club credit and guest passes been extended?
Yes any loyalty vouchers and credit on your account will be extended accordingly.

Will I be charged while the club is closed?
Your membership is frozen whilst the club is closed. Any pre-paid subscriptions will be used towards future payments. No further action is required from you.

Will Little Space be open?
Little Space will open on April 12th

If you have an urgent membership query, please email allowing 48 hours for a response.

When will the clubs reopen?
All Third Space clubs will open on April 12th.

When will I be able to book a gym visit or studio space?
All booking slots become available 48 hours prior.

How do I book a gym visit?
Open your member app. Go to your navigation bar in the top left corner and expand it. Click on “Timetable” and then “Gym Visits”. Find your desired time slot and click to book.

When will the pools, saunas & steam rooms reopen?
All club pools are now open. Saunas and steam rooms will open on May 17th.

Are classes still running?
Indoor group exercise classes will resume on May 17th.

Question about using the Third Space app or accessing virtual classes?

View our full FAQ section for the app here

Who books my PT session?
The PT’s are solely responsible for their diary and will book all sessions for you. Once booked they will be shown on the app so you can confirm the booking is secure. Please arrive 10 minutes before your session to allow for temperature checks and check in at concierge.

Is the cancelation policy still the same?
There is a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. This is especially important right now, to protect the PT’s time and ensure other members can use the time slot if available.

When will the spa open?
Our Canary Wharf Spa is now open.

Email to book an appointment.


For risk assessments please enquire here.

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To access the club you must book using the Third Space app. This will allow us to manage capacity and create a safe space for you to train.