Club Updates.

Updated: 25/11/2021

Please read the FAQ section below so you have all the latest information.

What is the club address?
22 Clarges Street. Just off Curzon Street. Please note, there is no access from 1 Curzon Street.

What do I need to bring on my first visit to the club?
You will need to show Photo ID and the card that your Direct Debit is set up on.
We will take your picture and issue you with a membership.
Our facial recognition service will be explained to you, and an additional photo taken.
You should also download the Third Space App so you can begin to book classes.

Will there be an induction?
Yes you will be sent an on boarding video, workout program and nutrition guide once you have downloaded the App and completed the welcome survey.

What are the opening hours?
Monday – Friday 06:00 – 22:00
Saturday – Sunday 08:00 – 20:00
Bank Holidays 08:00 – 20:00

Can I upgrade my membership to use the Mayfair Club?
Yes you can, the monthly rate is currently £245 per month and includes use of all Third Space Clubs, price subject to change.

How do I upgrade?
Simply complete an application form and send to our membership team.

I’m a current Third Space Member upgrading to Mayfair, when will my subscription change?
Your new subscription will be taken from your December DD collection.
For all membership admin queries, please email

Can I use a guest pass to visit the Mayfair Club?
You need to be a Mayfair member to use the club.

Can I bring a guest?
Yes you have 2 guest passes on your account, your guest will need to complete a waiver and show photo ID to access the club.
There is a £25 guest fee once you have used your guest passes.
Each guest is limited to 5 visits per year.

Will I have access to all Third Space clubs?
Yes as a Mayfair member you can enjoy full use of all Third Space Clubs.

What classes are on the timetable?
Here is a copy of the Timetable, this will be revised over the coming weeks depending on member needs. Mayfair Timetable.

How long will I keep my founders rate?
Founder rates will be valid until January 2023.

What Personal Trainers are at Mayfair?
Here is the link to our Personal Trainers.
For more information on pricing and packs contact our Fitness Manager

Can I rent a private locker, and how much is it?
Yes we have a limited number of private & executive lockers which cost £30 & £70 per month respectively. To apply for a private or executive locker please email

Do you have a kit laundry service?
Yes our laundry service is exclusive to Executive locker holders. Executive locker rental is £70 per month and includes one drop per day of up to six items.

Is facial recognition compulsory?
This is the most convenient way to access the club, and we recommend it, however it is not compulsory.

Can I transfer to another club if Mayfair is not suitable for me?
Yes you can transfer to any club free of charge and pay that clubs prevailing rate, without losing any of your member loyalty benefits.

If you have an urgent membership query, please email allowing 48 hours for a response.

Question about using the Third Space app or accessing virtual classes?

View our full FAQ section for the app here

How do I purchase PT credits?
You can now purchase credits in just 3 clicks in your member app. From your app home screen, open up the side navigation bar. Click “My Packs” and then “Buy PT”. Find your desired pack and click “Buy”.

Who books my PT session?
The PT’s are solely responsible for their diary and will book all sessions for you. Once booked they will be shown on the app so you can confirm the booking is secure. Please arrive 10 minutes before your session to allow for temperature checks and check in at concierge. Please note that from July 1st 2021 you will only be able to book a PT session if you have PT credits on your account.

Is the cancelation policy still the same?
There is a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. This is especially important right now, to protect the PT’s time and ensure other members can use the time slot if available.

When will the spa open?
Our Canary Wharf Spa is now open.

Email to book an appointment.


For risk assessments please enquire here.

Download to book

To access the club you must book using the Third Space app. This will allow us to manage capacity and create a safe space for you to train.