Our Favourite Athleisure Brands for a Warmer Winter


Our Favourite Athleisure Brands for a Warmer Winter

As the mercury begins to drop and the weather switches from warmer evenings into chillier, darker nights; the season of vests, shorts and sweat-wicking t-shirts is over once again. All of this means one thing — it’s time for the cosy and warming athleisure wardrobe. 

What’s more, when the line between office, home and training space is blurrier than ever, a versatile outfit is vital: one that won’t look out of place on the gym floor, but is still functional and aesthetic enough for remote, web-based meetings. Simply put, it’s all about fit, function and style. Below are three of our favourite brands that hit these prerequisites with plenty of gusto and style points to match. 


Lululemon’s fantastic ‘to and from’ collection looks as good on the gym floor as it does whilst you’re out and about during your day in the city. It will last you through the cold winter months and keep you warm throughout.

We love the Ribbed Nulu Cropped Define Jacket



Specialising in brilliant footwear, Nobull also offers a range of apparel of just as high quality as their trainers & shoes. From tees and shorts to pullovers and jackets, there’s plenty for you to choose from. They also have several gift guides, perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

We love the Mens Nobull Hoodie


PE Nation

Designed for urban life P.E Nation is a fashion-led activewear brand which has a huge range perfect for your winter athleisure collection. We not only love their bright colourways and designs, but also the fact that P.E Nation operates with social responsibility at its core.

We love the Objective Legging

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