Interview: Lloyd Nwagboso


Interview: Lloyd Nwagboso

Meet Lloyd Nwagboso, global house music DJ taking the soundtrack of your workout to a new level


We caught up with Nwagboso and got to know him a little better before his residency in our Tower Bridge gym.

How did your music journey begin?

My musical journey really began from my parents. They had a huge vinyl collection of mainly Soul, Funk and Motown records as well as amazing artists like David Bowie and Queen. My taste in music started here are then, as I got older, I went down the Disco and Hip-Hop route. I loved 90s Hip-Hop and now I’m a huge House Music fan.

What role does music play in your life?

Music has literally worked as a soundtrack to my life. At any period of time in my life I can always recall what I was listening to and why. I’ve always used it to enhance my mood when needed or at the other end of the spectrum used it as a way to better celebrate life.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

Kendrick Lemar is an amazing artist. He’s my favourite rapper at the moment. On the House scene there’s a guy called Eli Brown who’s making some really cool music. On the UK scene MNEK is amazing, he’s produced so many tracks you will know but might not know was him – he’s a really good guy too, keep your eyes on him, he’s only going to get bigger. Then, as far as bands are concerned, on the UK scene it has to be Rudimental. They are all actual musicians and their live show is something else. I heard they are working on a new album too, which I can’t wait to hear.

How much has London shaped you as a musician and human?

I love Bolton and Manchester – it was where I grew up and I was so lucky to be a part of Manchester in the 90s. Bands like Simply Red and M People were killing it and the city was thriving. With regards to London it’s just made me a lot more accepting off all music in general. London is so eclectic and has such a mix of cultures and people it really does help you to see a bigger cross section of the whole music scene.

How would you describe your music?

The music is: ‘get your hands in the air and don’t leave the club ‘til the lights get turned on’. Even though I predominately play House, I do like to throw curve balls into my sets and go off track a little to keep it interesting.

Does fashion and style play a part in who you are as a musician?

Fashion is a big part of me being a DJ. Music and fashion is so intertwined – they are both ways to express yourself and, as a DJ, people are listening to you but also looking at you. I actually own a fashion website that sells products aimed at people who want to look amazing at festivals, holidays and music concerts. Go check out

Where is your favourite place to DJ?

I was lucky enough to DJ the main stage at WeAreFstvl this year, which was an amazing experience. I’ve also had a residency at Ocean Beach Ibiza this summer for the hotbed party and that’s been class. I also absolutely love DJing at small, intimate clubs with just 200 people crammed in. When all everyone is fully tuned into the set, that’s always such a buzz.

Do you have your own workout playlist?

The music you workout to needs to be high energy at a decent tempo. Tech house is great to listen to in the gym. And I love to listen to artists such as Darius Syrossian and The Martinez brothers when training, their tunes always have wicked drums and groove to keep you going when your working up a sweat. I think working out to ‘eye of the tiger’ has had its day – it’s time to move on!

Check out Lloyd’s Third Space Spotify Playlist here.

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