5 Self-Care Tips When Working Remotely


5 Self-Care Tips When Working Remotely

Now that many of us have been working remotely for well over a year, you’ll know that it’s all too easy for your home life to blend in with your working life. The lounge can become a relaxing-and-working hybrid space and taking video calls on the sofa is no longer the occupational faux pas it once was. Inevitably, having some mental fluidity and flexibility is what will keep you ticking over, but when you’re sleeping, cooking and relaxing in the same space that you’re cutting deals and approaching deadlines, things can become a little taxing if you don’t nix them early on.

Below, our five tips will help you do exactly that, helping you feel refreshed and confident – whether you’re going into a big meeting or just trying a new recipe. 


Turn On, Then Turn Off

Let’s start with some low-hanging fruit. If you have poor time management skills or are prone to overworking several days a week, be sure to stick to regimented log-in and log-off times and make yourself accountable to sticking to them. Chances are, you’ll be more productive during your working hours and, when you turn your computer off, be able to use that free time however you like. Seems like a win-win. 


Take a Proper Lunch Break

If you used to use your lunch break to read a book in some local greenery or as a way of getting some exercise in, remote working shouldn’t change that. Despite it being tempting to cruise through your break and whittle down your to-do list, be sure to follow the same standards you would have in the office. You’ll decrease your risk of mental burnout, be more productive on your return and, if you’re getting out and about, increase your steps and time spent being active. 


Make Time for Exercise

….which brings us to our next suggestion. Allocating dedicated time for exercise — whatever form it may take on – is a surefire way to boost mental clarity, increase your feel-good hormone dopamine and, of course, get you closer to your fitness goals. The Third Space app (Android, iOS) features a payload of follow-along workouts — including our signature WOD classes, mobility flows, weight sessions and no-kit workouts — from London’s best trainers on an on-demand basis, delivering award-winning classes straight to your device. Available as part of your membership at no extra cost, it’s the best way to bring your local club closer to home. 


Don’t Work In Your Bedroom

Before the term ‘remote working’ was in our vernacular, the bedroom served many purposes — and sifting through paperwork, tolerating video calls or ‘huddling’ with your team had no place in those four walls. A year on, however, and many of us are still missing the point. By having a dedicated work space away from what should be your home’s most relaxing room, you’ll be able to set clear boundaries between business and relaxation.


Give Yourself Regular Screen Breaks

Whether you’ve returned to the office, deal with screens on-site or are still beavering away on a remote basis, we’ve got a smart little tip to share: the 20-20-20 rule. In order to give your eyes a welcome respite from a glaring screen, take a screen break every 20 minutes. Look away from the screen for 20 seconds and look 20 feet (six metres) ahead of you. You’ll notice the benefits immediately and, as it’s for such a short time frame, won’t miss anything urgent.

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