4 Online Courses That Take Your Passion For Fitness To The Next Level


4 Online Courses That Take Your Passion For Fitness To The Next Level

Because knowledge is power.

You don’t have to be in the business of wellness to benefit from courses and qualifications. For some, fitness and health are a chore – for others it’s a passion. And if you’re a recreational athlete who counts themselves firmly as the latter category, then there are plenty of ways to indulge that passion. Log-on to these courses and give your performance a leg-up.


Try sports performance for the everyday athlete

If you dream of training and living like the pros you see on the TV, but have to balance that with your 9-5, this is your ‘in’. EXOS educational webinars are simple one-offs that can fit in around your lifestyle and cover a range of topics. You can take a deep-dive into recovery, maintaining performance as you age, even understand (and fix!) the causes of a bad back. This is high-level sports science for the aspirational gym-goer.

Dial-in your nutrition plan to maximise results

Precision Nutrition is the gold-standard of nutrition qualifications and you don’t need to be a level-3 PT to benefit from it. The key is that it takes University-grade science and elite-level coaching and boils it down into the advice you can really use, and makes a difference every time you train. It’s led by founder John Berardi, a member of Nike’s performance team, and a man who is at the forefront of his field. In the words of UFC legend, Georges St Pierre, “Thanks, John, for making me bigger and stronger. You are the best thing that I’ve added to my training regimen.” This course can do the same for you.

Understand the science of well-being

Obviously, health is equal parts body and mind. However, while the tools and techniques to look after your body are more obvious, caring for the mind can be difficult. This aims to change that. In this free course, curated by professors at Yale University, you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. You will cover misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead you to think the way you do, but most importantly, the research that can help you change.

Specialise in female and pregnancy training

Put simply, training as a woman is different, and understanding that not only helps you to stay safe but can also take your performance up a gear. Girls Gone Strong provides a range of paid-for qualifications that will help you to master female coaching and exercising before and after pregnancy, but the real game changer is their range of free courses. These allow you to overcome the more holistic questions that face a woman with a passion for fitness. For example, ‘Body Image Freedom: Revolutionise Your Body Image in Just 5 Days’ and ‘Step Off the Diet and Exercise Rollercoaster Forever’ are both tonics for the pressures of modern life, helping you to exercise for the enjoyment that’s in it.

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