How To Include Fats In Your Diet (And Why You Should)


How To Include Fats In Your Diet (And Why You Should)

It may seem easier to cut them out, but fats are essential. Good fats are a powerhouse: the building blocks of hormones, and fuel for our body’s energy levels. They help repair exercise-induced muscle damage, and aid in the absorption of vitamins – all while making our food taste delicious.

And despite their name, fats (and carbs too) don’t cause weight gain. That comes from excess eating – like any other nutrient.

Here are some ways to get plenty of good fats in your diet. Choose your favourite one or two things, and eat with relish.

● Eat salmon or other oily fish such as trout, mackerel and anchovies
● Add small amount of butter or olive oil to veggies
● Add an egg on top of meals (everyone loves an egg)
● Sprinkle seeds or nuts on meals such as stir fries or currys
● Add a dollop of yoghurt to meals
● Use coconut oil for cooking
● Adding chia seeds to your overnight oats or porridge
● Use coconut milk as the base of your smoothies
● Add a fish oil supplement to your daily nutrition plan
● Add extras such as avocado and nut butters to meals (like satay sauces or guacamole)

If you ever get an energy slump mid-morning or mid-afternoon, try pairing lots of veggies with some fats and protein. This can balance blood sugar levels, help your focus and avoid the snack station.


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