Sustainable Swimwear For Your Staycation


Sustainable Swimwear For Your Staycation

Even though our daily lives are returning to a certain state of normality, many of us still won’t be able to hit the departures lounge for some much-needed R&R on foreign shores.

However, the tides are changing — the British ‘staycation’ industry is now booming and, with it, our previously-neglected sense of adventure. Whether you’ve set your sights for the coast, a luxury city break or a different kind of break away, your holiday wardrobe could do with a spruce-up.

Below, we take a look into the brands making waves in the world of ethical and sustainable swimwear that, when packed for upcoming staycation, could be the second-smartest decision you’ve made all year.  Let’s dive in. 



Finisterre has been disrupting the casual-cool swimwear market for over 15 years by shunning typical plastic-based synthetic materials in its products. By using Econyl — recycled nylon waste found in marine litter and discarded fishing nets — the British outlet has collaborated with other like-minded brands including The Natural History Museum, the RNLI and Vans. 



Like Finisterre, Ayla’s swimwear is made from Econyl. By repurposing old fishing nets, plastics and carpets, Ayla’s products are made to go the distance, lasting for years instead of just one holiday, and are designed in such a way that you can mix-and-match styles without breaking any fashion faux-pas. 



Another British brand focusing on marine waste, Bluebuck manufactures its trunks using upcycled litter and waste. Each product is certified SEAQUAL and Bluebuck collaborates with charities, fishermen and local residents to organise shore-side clean-ups to source, clean and recycle biodegradable materials to spin into yarn. Can your old swim shorts say the same?


Stay Wild

Upcycled biodegradable tree pulp, Econyl and rPET bottles make Stay Wild’s collections some of the most popular sustainable swimwear. That the brand is now experimenting with prototypes made from zero-waste computer tech is a welcome bonus.



For the guys, Naeco’s swim shorts are soft and luxurious. Welcome news, you’ll agree, when you find out that each pair of recycled trunks are made from 15 plastic bottles and that every Naeco product comes with a five-year guarantee. Naeco also encourages its customers to get involved with the Ocean Protector Squad programme, helping you get involved with saving our oceans. 


Paper London

This award-winning swimwear brand blends contemporary style with a ‘Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good’ mantra, fights for ethical factory conditions and uses responsible manufacturing methods to build swimwear — made from 100% regenerated Nylon fibre from fishing nets and waste products found around the ocean —  that outlasts trends and is kind to the earth.

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