How Personal Training Changed Our Lives


How Personal Training Changed Our Lives

Three Third Space members with a variety of aims (and hang-ups) in the gym reveal how training with a #ThirdSpacePT was instrumental in achieving their goals. Follow their lead

It’s one thing to walk onto the gym floor (and a thing that should be applauded, by the way!) and quite another to ensure that every rep you take is a rep in the right direction towards your goals. Yes, online training plans serve a purpose, but they’re generic – something you’re not. Each person is an individual with individual goals and physical idiosyncrasies, and the surest way to fast, injury-free progress in the gym is to tailor what you do with those idiosyncrasies. A PT will do that for you.

At Third Space personal training is a keystone. We only recruit industry experienced PTs who make it through the assessment centre. With 100 applicants for every place, only the best make it through. Trainers also pass through The Third Space Academy, a 3-year training programme to develop them beyond what they thought possible.

Every goal is catered for, too. Time with a trainer can be spent building strength. Though strength is more than just muscle gain, it’s a state of mind that a PT will build with you session by session.

You can also focus on rehabilitation, which can be an intense and often psychological effort, be it from injury, incident or even a past lifestyle choice. Either way, a PT can guide you.

When it comes to managing weight, in addition to what you do on the gym floor, a PT will assess your lifestyle and tailor a plan to get you into your best-ever shape.

A further speciality at Third Space is sport specific personal training. With practice, anybody can become a good player, but we take you further than that. We identify your edge and nurture it.

But don’t just take it from us. These are just a sample of the success stories that you can emulate, all you need is a little face-to-face time.


PT Naomi Gibson and her client Sarah Simmonds at Third Space Canary Wharf

Simmonds is a keen runner whose progress pounding the pavements was put into reverse by a painful knee injury. It was Gibson’s job to rebuild her strength but also her confidence so that Simmonds could run and train pain-free. Mission accomplished.


Simmonds’ testimonial:

“I never thought I’d get so strong and so confident in the gym, especially after having to nurse my runner’s knee for so long. Naomi assessed my weaknesses and imbalances, focusing on how to make me stronger to prevent injuries going forward, given that the London Marathon was fast approaching.”

“Our sessions were tough and yes I ached, but I never felt any pain. I now run without any discomfort, I feel stronger and my posture has improved, which in turn improves my running performance. I also have a better understanding of which pain I need to be wary of and that which I can safely grit my teeth through as I get fitter.”

Naomi pushes you outside of your comfort zone, but with her clear instructions still makes the lifts and work you’re doing accessible, understandable and easy to perform with the correct form.”

“I now walk into the gym and, more specifically, the free weights section with confidence. I know exactly what to do and have a real understanding of when my form is compromised, which helps to prevent any new injuries undoing my progress. The confidence I’ve gained from Naomi made me sign up for the Berlin Marathon and I can’t wait to put everything I’ve learned with her into practice.”


PT Eddie Norris and his client Emily Widjaja at Third Space Soho

Widjaja craved what every gym-goer chases. She wanted to feel confident on the inside and out. It sounds simple, but as most will attest, it’s bloody hard to achieve. Norris set about building her up in the gym and the results that followed took care of the rest.

Widjaja’s testimonial:

“Looking back a couple of years, I never expected to become that person who could embrace fitness without fear of judgement. My confidence has grown immensely whilst working with Eddie – not just in terms of my abilities but also in feeling comfortable in my own skin.”

“With consistent guidance and compassionate support, Eddie has always encouraged me to push myself beyond the limits that I thought were possible, which in turn has transformed my physique. Finding new strength that I didn’t know I had in me and seeing my body become more athletic through his thoughtful programming has shown me the worth in having guidance from a good PT.”

“After years of feeling stuck on a plateau attending a wide array of classes, Eddie’s dynamic and personalised approach has been the answer in helping me to push forward in my journey. While some subtle differences in Eddie’s approach take time and consistency to pay off, they are definitely worth the perseverance! He has ingrained in me the importance of training every muscle. Even if they’re not as obvious aesthetically, they all play an important role in developing a well-balanced physique that looks, moves and feels great for life.”


PT Loui Fazakerley and his client Ashley Hamilton at Third Space Soho

Hamilton is a professional athlete, playing basketball for London City Royals and Great Britain. After an injury side-lined his career, he tasked Fazakerley with not only getting him back on the court but taking his performance to new heights. The outlook is very, very positive.

How Personal Training Changed Our Lives
How Personal Training Changed Our Lives

Hamilton’s testimonial:

“Training with Loui allowed me to finally and truly address weaknesses and imbalances that I have in my body as a high-level athlete. It takes time to work on these things but he has allowed me to come back from injury through his work and knowledge to be an explosive athlete. The pain I was experiencing before due to a lack of strength and instability is gone.”

“I look forward to the off-season and my goal has now shifted from simply rehabbing to, under Loui’s direction, reach my full athletic potential and come back even stronger than I was before.”

“I have gone from being completely side-lined, to becoming player of the week in my league, making a cup final and being selected for the national team in the space of two months due to my work with Loui. I look forward to working much more with him in the years to come.”

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