Take Your Training Outdoors


Take Your Training Outdoors

Five reasons why you should train outdoors with Third Space this summer


Before the summer fitness festivals begin, we reveal the top five benefits of taking your training outside.

1. Stimulation: As busy Londoners, we tend to spend too much time indoors. Outdoor exercise injects variation into your routine. The changing scenery excites and stimulates your brain, so you are giving your mind a workout as well as your body.

2. Surroundings: Everyone knows that endorphin-fuelled feeling of joy post exercise. Add natural surroundings and fresh air to the mix and you could take that happiness up another level. Being outside is a great mood booster and can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

3. Specialists: We have drafted in top guest talent to get your pulse racing. Marc from Boys of Yoga will be teaching some exciting new yoga classes and Ashley Yeater is presenting her Define cardio barre sessions, designed to shape and sculpt your body. Third Space’s own Group Exercise Manager Caitlin brings her high intensity Tabata class to the Rooftop Gardens. Just 45-minutes long, it’s the most effective workout you can do when you are time-poor as your body will be burning fat for hours afterwards. Lastly Hendrick, aptly nick-named Superman for this athletic abilities, will be putting you through a metabolic boosting, ultra-shock circuit complete with tyres. Not one for the faint-hearted.

4. Social: Third Space outdoor events are all group-based, whether you being pushed to the limit during a HIIT class in Montgomery Square or channelling your inner zen during Yoga in Jubilee park. Sharing the experience with other people is much more fun than going solo. Plus you are more likely to train harder in a group. We can’t help being competitive.

5. Sunshine:  Vitamin D, provided by exposure to sunlight, is a wonderful thing. It can strengthen your immune system, make your bones stronger and even help combat depression. Being outside in the sunshine also triggers the release of endorphins, those lovely happy hormones.

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