5 Books That Are Essential Reading In Self-Isolation


5 Books That Are Essential Reading In Self-Isolation

Switch to analogue and find some time to turn off with a book.

We’re always reading. Be they Instagram captions, emails, COVID-19 news updates or, secretly, some light relief scrolling the Mail Online’s sidebar of shame – we’re used to consuming content at a voracious pace. But now lockdown has slammed the brakes on day-to-day life, there’s a pleasing opportunity to slow down. It could be during the now-empty time you used to spend commuting, or in the evenings (now that you’ve watched every boxset on Netflix), either way there’s time to settle in and read something worthwhile. Our mix of self-help and memoir will keep you entertained for days and weeks, not minutes and seconds. Read on.

  1. The 4 Pillar Plan – Doctor Rangan Chatterjee

An accessible, non-fiction read focusing on practical solutions to feel better physically and mentally. It’s a holistic look at health revolving around his four pillars of Eat, Sleep, Relax and Move. Chatterjee’s tips are sensible, simple and effective and will stay with you long after you’re let out of lockdown. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

  1. Reasons To Stay Alive – Matt Haig

This is essential reading for, well, everyone. So much so that copies were being distributed for free to anyone struggling with their mental health, earlier this year. It’s a beautiful memoir of one man’s struggle with depression and anxiety that’s both informative and powerful, and serves as a great reminder of the strength that our minds possess in times of adversity. It may provide welcome support in these weird, weird times.

  1. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness – Vex King

A brilliant guide to self-love and creating positivity in your life. Based on ‘the Law of Vibration’ which affects our whole being, it aims to help you achieve happiness and peace. Offering positive lifestyle habits alongside inspirational quotes, this will instantly uplift your mood. When you wake up, reach for this instead of Instagram and start your day in a positive way.

  1. A Walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson

A classic, A Walk in the Woods will transport you to the great outdoors with ‘all the gear, no idea’ Bryson as your entertaining guide. Set against the backdrop of the Appalachian Trail (the longest hiking-only footpath in the world), he intersperses nuggets of information on the history and towns along it amidst amusing social observations. While you may be stuck with daily exercise around the nearest local park, live vicariously through Bryson.

  1. The Doctor’s Kitchen – Rupy Aujla

Now is the time to get creative in the kitchen, especially when empty supermarket shelves and zero Ocado delivery slots are forcing you to reach ever further into the forgotten depths of your kitchen cupboard. Dr Rupy’s book is full of delicious and nutritious recipes, with the underlying focus being food’s role as medicine. With accessible explanations on the foods and spices that are best for the body, you’ll have sharpened your cooking creativity and boosted your health in no time. Then you can get back to baking yet another banana bread.

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