This 15 Minute Primal Flow Builds Muscle and Burns Fat


This 15 Minute Primal Flow Builds Muscle and Burns Fat

Tight on time and bored of burpees? This primal flow upgrades your body-weight training for faster gains (and losses)

The modern human condition is to be sat at a desk, on a sofa or lying in bed. It’s static. The rise of primal movement is here to loosen you up. Make your training a little more animalistic and take your body well outside it’s comfort zone, challenging it in new ways that will improve mobility, pump up your muscles and supercharge calorie burn.

The names might sound silly, but the benefits on offer are no laughing matter. Dedicate just 15 minutes three times a week and inject your training with some roar power using this circuit from Third Space’s, Adrien Lambert.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, take a 15 second rest before moving to the following exercise for a total of 5 rounds. Focus on quality of movement rather than speed.

Gator Push Up

Assume a high plank position. Shoulders over the wrists, fingers spread out gripping the floor, hips tucked in. As you lower yourself down, move your right arm and left leg forward. As you come up, return to the high plank position. Repeat on the opposite side.

Bear Walk

Assume a downward dog position. Hands on the floor, hips to the ceiling, leg slightly bent. Step forward with your left hand and right leg, then the opposite, to walk forward steadily.. Continue for the full 45 seconds.

Squat To Side Kick

Start in a low squat position. Rotate to the left placing your right hand in front of your left foot. Making sure your right and left foot are strongly grounded into the floor slide, fully extend your right leg through. Pause for a second then come back to your squat. Repeat on the other side.

Lateral Monkey

Start in a low squat position. Traveling laterally, send your back hand towards your lead foot. Lead hand follows, back leg comes off the floor shifting all your weight on your hands. Place your back foot by your lead hand and repeat.

Rolls To Flying Knee Strike

Roll on your back with your legs bent. Roll forward and get into a deep squat position. From jump as high as you can while driving one knee up. Land on both feet, squat down, roll on your back and strike with the other knee.

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