Marathon Mistakes


Marathon Mistakes

With Marathon season just about to start Rob Martineau, co-founder of healthy snack firm Tribe, charts the eight most common mistakes long-distance runners make.

1. Pounding pavements: So many people run too much as part of their training and this can only lead to injury. It is really important to mix up your exercise routine so you are not straining particular muscles. Try yoga, swimming or hiking as alternative forms of keeping fit.

2. Running the same routes the whole time: This can turn training into a chore. Make your runs as interesting as possible and try to enjoy them.

3. Underestimating the importance of technique: Runners are all different and sometimes it makes sense to spend a little money on analysing your gait to make sure you are not putting undue stress on any part of your body, which could lead to injury.

4. Forgetting to rest: It is so important to include rest days into your schedule. Ideally there should be a couple of days a week when you are not running. Without rest your body can’t recover and you will be burnt out before the race even begins.

5. Changing things just before the race: Many people will buy new trainers or start eating different foods at the last minute. This can cause havoc on the big day. Your body needs consistency in the weeks running up to the event.

6. Carbo-loading: Perhaps the biggest mistake is eating too much before the race. This can make you feel ill on the day or prevent you from getting good quality sleep the night before. Building up your energy reserves makes sense, but you need to make sure what you eat works for you. Do a really long run a few weeks beforehand to discover what foods help you perform best.

7. Setting off too fast: This is a mistake most newbies make. Make sure you start a lot more gently than you think you need to. Pace yourself.

8. Not drinking enough: Lots of people forgo the drink stations in order to get a better time. This is not a good idea as you will get dehydrated. Drink little and often throughout the run.

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