5 Ways To Keep Up Your Lockdown Hobbies


5 Ways To Keep Up Your Lockdown Hobbies

With the end of the UK lockdown on the horizon, our lives could soon return back to relative normality. Gyms will reopen, children have returned to school and a year spent doom-scrolling in isolation could quickly become a welcome distant memory. 


However, that’s not to say the past year has been unproductive. We’ve found out more about ourselves than we previously knew, learned new skills, cooked new meals and brought about a whole new meaning to working (out) from home, having mastered garage workouts, garden mobility sessions and kitchen WODs. So what can we bring forward with us, once restrictions begin to lift and how, crucially, can we maintain momentum on the new skills we’ve acquired? Below, we walk you through five ways to build on the hobbies you’ve worked hard to acquire. 


Keep the time

If you’ve been working from home, the additional hours that would have been spent commuting have instead been used more productively. Returning to work, even if it’s for a few days a week, needn’t mean you decelerate in achieving your goals. Make sure to keep the time you had previously — even if it needs to be halved — to continue honing your new skills. You’ll be glad that you did.


Get others involved

From baking to burpees and new languages to laps of the local park, one way to both keep yourself motivated and grinding towards your goal is to get others involved. As government guidelines currently stipulate*, you can meet and exercise outdoors with one other person from another household. Encourage them to keep you accountable and, if baking is your new hobby, a few treats won’t go amiss. 


Use your work breaks

With deadlines looming and emails piling up, it can be tempting to eschew personal time in favour of getting ahead of your to-do list. Make this mistake, however, and it’s your new skills that will take the brunt of it. Make sure you stick to taking scheduled breaks from work to not only have fun but also, crucially, to check in with yourself.


Go public

If you’ve kept your new, Lockdown-induced hobby or skill under wraps, it’s time to unleash it upon the world. Set up a new Instagram account, an Etsy shop or a YouTube channel to share with the world. Chances are that, once you see the praise rolling in, you’ll only want to keep going.


Challenge yourself (again)

Now that the original challenge of learning something new has passed, it’s time to level-up your skills. Whether that’s hitting a max lift, a new mile time, trying a harder recipe or anything else, you’ll want to keep your brain and body stimulated by continuing to challenge yourself. It’s what got you here, so why stop now?

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