Your Complete Guide To Taking On The Yard


Your Complete Guide To Taking On The Yard

Third Space Canary Wharf’s new functional training space, The Yard, is now open. Master Trainer Kate Maxey gives you the low down on your destination for greatness in 2019

Gyms they are a-changing. Alongside the traditional rows of treadmills and weight machines there is an exploding appetite for spaces in which to ‘train’. With its brand new, state-of-the-art equipment, The Yard, Third Space’s new Canary Wharf space is satiating that appetite in style.

It will offer a new and exciting place to train for all Third Space members, whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before or are a regular recreational athlete looking for a new challenge. It’s not everywhere that you’re able to learn to press a log or carry a 70kg atlas stone.

From peg boards to rope climbs, this will be a space that offers members the ability to deploy and benefit from every type of functional training, from strongman to gymnastics. There will be classes on during peak hours, and then it will be open for members and PT’s to use at any time of the day, enabling you to practice the skills and drills you’ve learnt during group sessions.

We have two new exciting classes launching in The Yard: Strong and The Yard: WOD.

Turn up on time, don’t leave early and give everything you’ve got! Everything in the Yard can be scaled and there will be options – it’s about developing and building on the foundation you already have. You don’t have to come striding in and be able to lift everything, coaches want to coach and develop every individual.

Yard Strong

This is inspired by the world’s strongest man competitions – think farmers carries and atlas stones. However, don’t be intimidated by the kit. The aim is only ever to develop, and each week be able to lift a little bit more. It is a strength class, it’s not about burpees – it’s about lifting. Come ready to learn correct technique and push yourself in each class.

Yard WOD

Now is the time to do some serious conditioning work. This is a zonal circuit class with a mix of; cardio, strength and gymnastic work per zone. The Yard WOD will earn you a high a calorie burn and, when partnered with Strong over the course of a week, is designed to create the ultimate training package with maximum results for all.

These classes aren’t for the faint hearted, but those with the right attitude and will to work hard. Our top trainers will be in the Yard taking master classes in January to showcase the new concept. Come and test yourself.


Our signature conditioning circuit brings all the toys to the Yard. 50 people working across 18 stations, a specially curated soundtrack – this is the one to amp up your weekend.

My top 3 tips to maximise in the Yard:

1: Attend a new concept class of The Yard: Strong or WOD running every day. It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself to the new equipment and be coached how to use equipment correctly in a safe and unintimidating environment.

2: Maximise this by getting to class early. This is the perfect time for coaches to show you how to use equipment you’re not sure how to use and gives you some 1-1 time. There are also two trainers per masterclass, so even if you don’t get there early there will always be someone on hand to help.

3: Don’t be shy. To maximise your use of the Yard, even when the classes aren’t running, ask an Academy Trainer on the gym floor to show you how to use the equipment if you are unsure – they are there to help!


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