The Fitness Trends Set To Take Over In 2019


The Fitness Trends Set To Take Over In 2019

Stay one step ahead of the fitness pack with the inside track from Third Space’s Head of Education, Josh Silverman.


The world of health and fitness is ever-changing. In many ways it’s a positive – it’s an exciting scene to follow and be a part of. But changes and trends aren’t always a good thing. What gets the most likes on Instagram and what’s truly able to improve your life over the course of a year don’t always align. And so, to sift through the science and Sierra filters, Third Space’s very own Josh Silverman is here to present his forecast for 2019. These are the trends you can really invest in – consider this your exclusive invitation onto our bandwagon.


Medical x Fitness
A fitness and medical crossover is the most exciting, burgeoning frontier in the industry. Expect more and more personal trainers to become hybrids of fitness experts and osteopaths, soft tissue therapists, sports therapists and biomechanists that use medical assessments and solutions in between your deadlifts and squats. You’ll be set up with training plans that view fitness as a whole and work towards holistic life goals, fixing your bad back and achieving a healthy body fat percentage in one programme. It’s one PT plan to improve it all.


Movements Over Muscles
Say good riddance to International Chest Day and a queue for the bench press every Monday. Instead of sticking to specific exercises that target a single muscle group, there will be a shift in focus towards general movement patterns. Repetitive bench presses will be replaced by a variety of ‘horizontal push’ movements like dumbbell piston press and cable flys; endless deadlifts will be replaced by ‘lower body hinge’ movements like good mornings and single-leg RDLs. This will not only stave off gym plan boredom, but also provide more wide-ranging benefits.


Movement Screening
Third Space have been doing this for years, however, the industry is starting to catch on. Think of the movement screen as a clearing test. It allows your personal trainer to ensure they are planning movements that are progressive but also safe and effective. If you’re looking for fast, but more importantly, lasting results, then you need to leave your aimless training sessions behind in 2018. Book in for a complimentary Out/Set consultation and ensure you take the best rep forward to your goals in 2019.


Data Driven Communities
2018 was the year that wearable technology finally took hold of individual tracking. Companies such as MyZone are now bringing this concept onto the gym floor and into group training gym classes. This connected belt not only tracks all exercise data but also allows you to create your own groups and challenges so that you can bring some competition into your training and show your classmates just how much progress you’ve made.


Semi-Private Personal Training
Continuing on with the community theme, more and more people began opting for small group Personal Training in boutique studios at the end of 2018, and we predict this will expand into larger health clubs over the coming 12 months. Think of an exercise class with only four or five participants with a clear goal and progressive plan in place. Trends such as Ski Fit on our Woodway Carvers and detailed Learn to Lift programme will be our driving forces. See you there.

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