Movement Masterclass: Manmaker


Movement Masterclass: Manmaker

Max-out your next metcon with one of the toughest total-body moves you can try


Let’s start by addressing the name first. Considering the full-body burn this move will hit your with, and women’s proven higher pain threshold – it’s clearly out of date. But if you’ll allow us to leave the gender politics off the gym floor for a minute, then we can make it clear while the exercise is a clear favourite in group exercise and met-con workouts for its lung-busting effects.

It’s a lethal combination of push up, renegade row and thruster that will light up all your major muscle groups to spike your metabolism and burn through the maximum number of calories in the minimum time. As such, it’s smart to check your ego at the door before working this move into your WOD. Think of it as a conditioning exercise, rather than a show of strength, and be mindful to use lighter weights. You’ll only reap the total-body benefits of the move (and avoid injury!) if you maintain good form, even when the going gets tough. Especially when the going gets tough, in fact.

Do that, though, and this max effort move will reward you with faster progress towards pretty much any goal.


Now, master the technique:

Take a pair of middle weight dumbbells (the type you can press overhead for 15 reps) and set up holding them on the floor in a press-up position. Brace yourself.

Begin the exercise by completing one push up on the dumbbells, followed by a single arm row on each side, keeping the elbow moving closely past the ribcage and squeezing the upper back muscles to engage the muscles.

Back in the press up position, jump your feet forward to just behind the dumbbells and, ensuring you maintain good posture, stand up, then curl the dumbbells up to the front rack position.

From standing, perform a thruster. Sink down into a squat and then push back up. As you do, continue the rep to press the dumbbells up overhead, extending at the elbows and contracting your triceps.

Lower the dumbbells down to your sides, bend down to the floor, place the dumbbells back to the start position and kick your feet back.

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