A Beginner’s Guide To Joining The Gym


A Beginner’s Guide To Joining The Gym

We reveal the simple tips that can make this year extraordinary, plus the Third Space services that can take your sessions to the next level


There are no “exercises to avoid”

Despite what you may read in plenty of clickbait posts, there is no such thing as a bad exercise. There are just exercises performed or programmed incorrectly. The most common culprit to look out for is the inclusion of a ridiculous piece of equipment just to make a classic movement look more exciting.

If all the do’s and don’ts of different Instagram voices have got you confused, we have the antidote. Our Learn to Lift program will introduce you to, and help you perform correctly, the building blocks of a successful training plan.


Get off your mobile phone

This goes well beyond everyone’s obvious dislike of others taking gym selfies. More importantly, the gym is a time to switch off both technologically and mentally. You spend the majority of your life hooked into the matrix of social media and work emails, which keeps levels of the stress hormone cortisol elevated. Without switching off, this can disrupt sleep and even hinder your weight loss ambitions.

By switching on airplane mode (you can still follow your programme from your phone) you can connect mentally with your workout, which will help you to get more from every rep. When even that isn’t enough, our Exhale class is a fusion of breath work (manipulating the rhythm of the breath to calm the body), Hatha flow yoga and guided meditation. Grounded in science, Exhale promises to help you leave feeling calmer and more focused.


Activate, Don’t “Warm Up”

Yes, you need to raise your body temperature and get blood flowing to your muscles but a warm up is so much more than just that. This year spells the end for that lackluster five minutes spent on the treadmill before a squat session. Everyone knows that making the time for your morning or lunchtime workout is the hardest part and so, when you get there, you need to get serious about making the most of every minute. By learning the art of proper muscle activation you can minimise your risk of injury and lift heavier, speeding your progress to achieving this year’s goals.


Understand Your Back-Up Plan

There’s no getting away from it – the January rush, to the ill-prepared, can easily scupper a workout. Squat racks and cable machines, all filled with eager gym-goers looking to get ahead. But what about your five sets of heavy back squats? You need to be prepared with far more than a screenshotted workout from Instagram stories. To make long-lasting, irreversible progress you need to have an understanding of your workouts and be able to look for smart alternatives on the gym floor when you’re struggling to find lifting real estate.

The answer lies in a free Out/Set assessment with one of our personal trainers. They will not only assess your movement and tailor workouts to your goals, but by truly explaining it, you will feel confident in swapping pull-ups for lat-pulldowns, front squats for goblet squats, and ensure you take the next reps to your best ever body, no matter the rush.

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