3 Outdoor Running Workouts


3 Outdoor Running Workouts

Whether you’re new to running or have been pounding the pavements for years, there’s one common trait between all of those with a vested interest in the sport: a constant desire to improve. To get faster, stronger and to build our confidence with larger distances. To become a more well-rounded runner. There are numerous ways to approach this, but there’s no substitute to putting in the miles on the road, track or trail. Here, Third Space Strength and Conditioning Master Trainer Kate Maxey shares three of her most effective running sessions, each helping to improve a different discipline or part of training, that will help you make leaps and bounds in your running. Get ready to put your best foot forward…


Running Workout #1:  The Distance Challenge 

Ready to go further, faster? In this session, it’s you versus the clock. Lasting under 40 minutes across five working sets in a run/rest format, this running workout is programmed to test your fitness, increase your confidence in higher mileage and build mental fortitude. As the workout progresses, try to increase your speed as the minutes spent working decrease and make the most of the rest periods. Here’s your game plan:

  • Fast-paced run: 10 minutes
    1. Rest: 90 seconds
  • Fast-paced run: 8 minutes
    1. Rest: 60 seconds
  • Fast-paced run: 6 minutes
    1. Rest: 60 seconds
  • Fast-paced-run: 4 minutes
    1. Rest: 60 seconds
  • Fast-paced run: 2 minutes



Running Workout #2: Speed Run

Simple, but devilishly effective, Maxey’s speed run drill demands discipline. All it comes down to is you and a single kilometre. The trick, however, is in the 1km repetitions. Advanced runners should shoot for ten reps of 1km efforts; intermediates for eight and beginners for six. After each rep, you’ll rest for the time taken to run 1km in the previous rep. Don’t shy away from the challenge — after all, the quicker you run, the quicker you’ll finish…

As fast as possible: 1km

Rest: Time taken to run 1km

Advanced: 10 reps, Intermediate: 8 Reps, Beginner: 6 Reps


Running Workout #3: The Long Run

If you’re wanting to increase mileage in a time-efficient format — let’s be honest, sometimes double-digit runs aren’t feasible — Maxey’s next workout is for you. Using the fartlek format, you’ll be splitting fast running efforts with 60 seconds of walking between each. Below, Maxey has built three separate workouts, for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners.

Fast run pace2km2km1km
Fast run pace1.8km1.8km0.8km
Fast run pace1.6km1.6km0.6km
Fast run pace1.4km1.4km0.4km
Fast run pace1.2km1.2km0.2km
Fast run pace1km1km0.2km
Fast run pace0.8km0.4km
Fast run pace0.6km0.6km
Fast run pace0.4km0.8km
Fast run pace0.2km1km


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