Stephanie Goold

Stephanie is a BANT and CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist who helps support, motivate and educate clients to improve their health and lifestyle for increased energy, vitality and improvement in their overall well-being.

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Wellness and Nutrition
Sports Performance Nutrition Plans




Stephanie’s philosophy is that nutrition is fundamental to achieving your health and fitness goals, whether you are looking to support ongoing training, specific sporting events, changes in physique, or you have underlying health conditions or symptoms that need attention or investigation.

Stephanie works with multiple laboratories to offer functional testing including blood, urine and stool testing. They can help determine imbalances in hormones (including sex, stress (cortisol) and thyroid function), as well as vitamin status, full blood work, gut function investigation, food intolerance/sensitivity and general wellness testing.

Stephanie has a special interest in and has worked extensively with clients to investigate gut-related symptoms. She enjoys building trusted relationships with clients and working alongside them to bring positive change in their quality of life.

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