3 AirBike Workouts


3 AirBike Workouts

Master Trainer Luke Barnsley provides the simple (that doesn’t mean easy!) sessions to neutralise this month’s excess.

We’ll keep this one short and sharp – you’ll need to preserve your time and energy for the upcoming workouts after all.

If there is one piece of kit guaranteed to keep you on track this month, it’s the AirBike. This gruelling piece of equipment can melt through an unprecedented number of calories but also supercharge your fitness levels.

Try these and challenge someone to give it a go.

Workout 1

Wall Balls – 20 reps

AirBike – 20 calories

Complete four rounds against the clock

Workout 2

AirBike and Burpees Superset

40 calories into 40 reps

30 calories into 30 reps

20 calories into 20 reps

10 calories into 10 reps

Workout 3 – If you get through the other two and are feeling mad, try this.

40 min max distance

Nasal breathing only

If you can, strap into a MyZone and stay in the heart rate green zone

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