12 Days of Christmas Workout


12 Days of Christmas Workout

As we merrily trundle towards Christmas and the festive season, it’s all too easy to take up a more relaxed approach to your training routine. After all, catching up with loved ones and sharing festive moments often takes precedence over a pre-dawn HIIT session – especially after the last two years. But, what if we told you that there’s a way to inject a little festive cheer into your next session at your local Third Space or at home? 


Behold: our 12 days of Christmas workouts. Straight from the mastermind of Third Space Strength and Conditioning Master Trainer Kate Maxey, we’ve assembled three workouts that use the compounding progression tactic of ‘12 Days of Christmas’ to pile up the reps and keep you working hard. As you’ll see below, we’ve got three different takes on the workout, with options for dumbbells, cardio kit and bodyweight. 


The premise is simple: perform one rep of the first exercise, then one rep of the first exercise and two reps of the second, then one rep of the first exercise, two reps of the second and three reps of third and so on, until you’ve completed all 364 reps. Let’s get after it. 


12 Days of Christmas: Dumbbells 

  1. Devils press 
  2. Dumbbell Cleans 
  3. Front Squat 
  4. Push Press
  5. Thrusters
  6. Reverse Lunges  
  7. Press up to shoulder tap 
  8. Renegade row 
  9. Half burpee 
  10. GTOH 
  11. Butterfly sit-ups
  12. Walking lunges 


12 Days of Christmas: Cardio Kit and Dumbbells

  1. Man/Womanmaker 
  2. 2 Calories on row/ski 
  3. Press up to renegade row 
  4. 4 Calories on row/ski 
  5. Clean and press 
  6. 6 Calories on row/ski 
  7. Thrusters 
  8. 8 Calories on row/ski 
  9. Walking lunges (each leg) 
  10. 9 Calories on row/ski 
  11. Butterfly sit-ups
  12. 12 Calories on row/ski 


12 Days of Christmas Bodyweight Workout: 


  1. Reverse burpee 
  2. Press up 
  3. Sprawls 
  4. Shooters 
  5. Tuck jumps 
  6. Butterfly sit-ups 
  7. Plank thruster 
  8. Jump lunges 
  9. Walkouts to shoulder tap 
  10. Burpees 
  11. Air squats
  12. Bear crawl

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