Challenge Yourself With This Yard Games Workout


Challenge Yourself With This Yard Games Workout

At Third Space, we’ve just wrapped on another signature functional fitness competition: the Yard Games. Taking place at our Canary Wharf club, the Yard Games comprise of a multi-stage, team-based functional fitness competition that’s designed to test every team member to their absolute max. Whether you took part, know someone who did or just want in on the action yourself, we’ve pieced together the workouts that took this year’s Yard Games to a whole new level. You’ll find the workouts below and remember, if you take them on, share your score with us @thirdspacelondon. Let’s get it.

Workout #1
Echo Bike90/60 calories
Log clean and pressMax reps until 8 mins is up.

Scoring: As many log presses as possible in eight minutes. 1 rep on log press = 1 point


Workout #2
Ski-Erg30/20 calories30 Points
Synchro Weighted Burpee Box Jump Overs15 reps at 2x10kg (F), 2x15kg (M)30 Points
Synchro Wall Balls30 Wall Balls at 6kg (F) / 9kg (M)30 Points


Scoring: 90 points per round (1 rep = 1 point)


Workout #3
Pull-Ups2020 Points
Synchro DB Thrusters30 reps at 2x10kg (F), 2x15kg30 Points
Burpee to Target20 reps20 Points
Synchro DB Thrusters20 reps at 2x10kg (F), 2x15kg (M)20 Points



Workout #4
KB Deadlifts30 reps at 2x16kg (F), 2x24kg (M)30 Points
Sled PullTwo lengths of track, at 30kg (F), 50kg (M)30 Points
Kettlebell CarriesSix lengths of track, 2x16kg (F), 2x24kg (M)30 Points


Workout #5
Echo Bike40cals20 Points
Hanging Knee Raises20 reps20 Points
Echo Bike40cals20 Points
Hanging Knee Raises2020 Points
D-Ball to Box10reps at 30kg (F), 50kg (M)10 Points

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