10 Daily Habits That Can Reduce Stress And Lift Your Mood


10 Daily Habits That Can Reduce Stress And Lift Your Mood

Follow our everyday tips to putting a smile on your face.

We admit, there’s not been much to smile about in 2020 so far. First, the world was on fire, now it’s in lockdown. Altogether, it can feel like a stressful and sad time. But while these global issues need major solutions, there are simple ways to make the situation feel more manageable on a personal level. Use these habits to help you to embrace the brighter side of life.


There’s a reason this practice has been deployed for millennia, and though it may be old it’s more useful than ever. Daily breath work enhances your oxygen utilisation and boosts levels of the happy hormone serotonin. Try one of Third Space’s 8-minute meditations for starters.

Lift Weights

This is a proper pick-you-up. Studies of people who like to shift tin found that regular weightlifting was able to significantly reduce symptoms of low mood and banish lethargy. Try Lift with Lucie on our IGTV.

Go Running

Make the most of your daily outdoor exercise with steady-state running. Lace up because aerobic exercise is proven to reduce your levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Try our running workouts for improved park run performance.

Stay Hydrated

Carry a water bottle around the house with you. Increasing water consumption to 2.5L per day can provide a proper boost in mood. We’ll drink to that.

Breakfast Better

Start your day with a bowl of porridge or overnight oats. The slow-burn oats are good fuel for the day, while the high-GI carbs of a daily croissant, say, are a proven dietary risk factor for depression.

Get Outside

Now the sun is shining you can rely on the outdoors, not a supp, for your hit of vitamin D. Low D is linked to unhappiness, but just 9 minutes of sunshine can top up your levels.

Watch A Sad Film

Feeling down? Steer clear of the comedies and opt for a proper tear-jerker on Netflix. They boost endorphin levels higher for longer. We recommend Blue Valentine.

Book In A Zoom

The support of friends – whether over a pint or video call – has been proven to be as effective as cognitive behavioural therapy for improving people’s mental health.

Run A Bath

Finish your day with a bath twice a week. Researchers found that a good soak can wash away dark moods in those with depression more effectively even than exercise.

And Finally

For a quick fix, rub the muscles above your eyebrows, which has been proven to reduce anxiety-inducing signals in your brain. It’ll turn that frown upside down, literally.

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