Everything You Need To Know About Our New Class – The WOD


Everything You Need To Know About Our New Class – The WOD

The rise and rise of functional workouts continues unabated. You needn’t be the member of a ‘box’ to be familiar with heart pounding footage of men and women pushing their fitness levels to new limits. Barbells are lifted effortlessly overhead and pull-ups completed with impossible ease – it all looks a bit bloody scary, to be honest. But the Elite Trainers of Third Space are here to help.

New signature class The WOD sets you on a path to all-new levels of fitness, fat burn and strength – all under the watchful and helpful eye of the experts. Interested? Well, obviously. Now, allow us to give you the details.

What Is It?
The WOD is a group exercise, studio-based class here at Third Space. The concept taps into the culture of the functional training trend, encouraging competition and camaraderie between you and those sweating and swearing next to you.

When you step across the threshold expect a mixture of bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell and skipping rope exercises. Impressively, no two sessions will be the same – unless it’s one of the named sessions concocted by the minds of the Elite Trainers, that is. For example, Elite Trainer George Toohey created the ‘GT’ (do you see what he did there?) and while we won’t spoil the surprise of what it involves, these workouts will be deployed more than once a year to allow dedicated attendees to track their progression.

How Do I Sign Up?
Simple. Make a booking through our online booking system or call reception to book you in. Though Canary Wharf members don’t need to book – the show offs.

This Sounds Intense – Is This For Everyone?
Yes, functional training and indeed The WOD can get very intense. However, the workouts are designed to contain sections where you’re encouraged to go at your own pace – especially if you’re new to the class.

Not only that, our instructors will ask you at the beginning of every workout what your ‘training status’ is that day. Attendees can be one of two things:

These guys and girls are just here for a great workout. They will go at their own pace and do their best. They can get out lighter weights if they think they’re needed. They can also modify exercises around injury and are welcome to take rests whenever they need it. (Well, that’s a relief, isn’t it?) If it’s your first time in class, you should be a survivor.

These aspiring athletes are here to win. Or at least to give it their best shot. They will push to their limits, whilst maintaining proper form. They won’t modify any exercises and will use the set weight parameters for each piece of equipment. Record 1st place and that person is king or queen of The WOD that day.

Will It Help Me To Burn Fat?
Of course. The calorie burn from a class like this will be huge. You’ll also get much fitter, too. The more you come back, the harder you’ll be able to train and the more work you’ll do. That means more calories burned to ensure you continue to progress.

Will It Help Me To Build Muscle?
If you keep your form strict, especially on the AMRAP and strength phases then it is likely that your muscles will become stronger. Over time, and provided your nutrition is on point (a post-workout Natural Fitness Food shake is a good first stop) then you can expect to see a positive change in body composition, which helps your body to appear more sculpted. However, because hormone levels are different in men only guys can expect to see an increase in muscle size as well as condition, but women won’t bulk up.

Do I Need Any Special Kit?
A full water bottle is a good first step, as is a towel. Once you’re into the groove and want to push for a position on the Challenger leader board then some liquid chalk and wrist straps may well give you an edge.

Do You Have Any Tips For My First Class?
Arrive early! Make yourself known to the instructor and let them know it’s your very first class. Remember you will be a ‘survivor’ on day one – the mission is to just make it to the end. Also, always concentrate on keeping your form as strict as possible. In the competitive phases of the class it can feel like everyone around you is going at a million miles an hour, but don’t get sucked in. Clean reps are not only safer, but they’ll help you to improve more quickly, too.

Other than that – ENJOY! It will be a great class and you’ll have an awesome time! Remember: the ‘Survivors’ of today are the ‘Challengers’ of tomorrow.

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