2020 Fitness Forecast


2020 Fitness Forecast

The fitness trends set to blow up in 2020 and beyond. Across fitness, food and holistic health – we predict what’ll go mainstream this year.



Third Space Head of Education, Josh Silverman

Circadian Rhythm Tracking

More and more people are turning to wearable technology to enhance every part of their life, so it’s no wonder that a new slew of products have arrived promising to fix your tired sleep habits. But beyond simple sleep tracking, we predict the technology will advance to include the overall circadian rhythm, which will help to soothe jet lag. By keeping your internal body clock in check you’ll be able to sleep better while travelling for work and optimise health and performance around the globe.

Velocity-Based Training

Like Myzone for heart rate, we expect to see more products that track bar velocity to help you really target specific goals. Your one rep max is an ever-changing metric based on how recovered you are, your nutrition and sleep habits, which can change day to day. Bar speed is something you can always control – move the bar faster to build power and slower to build size, for example – so using timing rather than weight will ensure you are working towards your chosen goal. Ask your Third Space PT how lifting tempo can influence your training.

Athletic-Based Training

Forget chest and back day. We predict a shift towards power-, speed- and strength-based programmes as the focus for personal trainers and clients in the new year.  Body composition goals are great but more and more people are coming to realise that there’s more to life than what’s on the scales. Performance goals – be they to run faster, complete a triathlon, or simply move better as you age – are gradually taking centre stage and the programmes provided by PTs will adapt to achieve them.



Whole Foods 2020 Trend Report

Zero-Proof Drinks

And they’re for more than Dry January, too. With more health-conscious consumers seeking out alternatives to alcohol, unique non-alcoholic options are popping up everywhere. Think alt-gin for G&Ts, hops-infused sparkling waters and zero-proof apertifs – you’ll be able to enjoy the party and entertain guests as well as ever before, minus the three-day hangover and missed gym sessions.

Meat-Plant Blends

Butchers and meat brands won’t be left out of the “plant-based” craze in 2020, but they’re not going vegetarian. Their response will be to acknowledge the growing appetite for plants, and the growing conscience for the planet that sees people shunning meat, and adapt by mixing meats to create a range of new best-of-both products. The Blended Burger Project, for example, are leading the way with a movement that strives to make the iconic burger “better for customers and for the planet” by blending in at least 25% fresh mushrooms. Flexitarians looking to strike a tasty balance between meats and plants can expect more blended products in their future.

Alternative Flours

First it was milk, now it’s coming for your baking, too. 2020 will bring more interesting fruit and vegetable flours (like banana) into home pantries, with products like cauliflower flour also set to feature on baking aisles, rather than just being pre-baked into crusts and snack products by manufacturers. As people want to squeeze more healthful protein and fibre into every meal, the emergence of new ‘super’ flours will help you to do this, even when it comes to cheat day treats. We’re predicting an alternative flours round in next year’s GBBO. You heard it here first…



Third Space Marketing Director, Lauren Wilson

Quiet Time

Mindfulness and mediation can be quite confusing for some members who aren’t die hard yogis, but many still appreciate they need some “quiet time” which can be really difficult to find between a demanding career and social life. Creating a perfectly designed, calming, quiet space, like the rooms in the new Third Space clubs such as Islington, are at the cutting edge of this continuing trend for calm. They come with short guided meditations that can be used before or after your workout, or the rooms could just be used by tired and stressed mums and dads who want some alone time after dropping the kids off at Little Space, our separate children’s club.

Self Meditation

Meditation isn’t going anywhere, clearly. And though you’ve become used to following them with phone apps – and the soon to be set up quiet pods, too – we expect (and encourage) the trend to reach into your home, too. That means doing a bit of D.I.Y. And it’s why learning the steps of meditation are a cornerstone of the Third Space Exhale yoga classes. In addition to a Hatha flow, you can take in all the tools to turn your own living room into an oasis of calm, blocking out the stresses of city life.

 Hot and Cold Recovery

Another area of focus is recovery, with a growing emphasis placed on saunas and cryotherapy. Cryo chambers can be a useful recovery tool that can help you to recover faster but, interestingly, it’s sauna’s that have the most compelling health research especially in terms of preventing cognitive decline and improving cardio fitness.

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