Rhys Burgess

Rhys enjoys managing all facets of musculoskeletal injuries but has a keen interest in runners, endurance athletes and injuries of the lower limb and back.

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B.Phty (Hons) MCSP
HCPC Registered


Rhys hails from Brisbane, Australia and relocated to London in 2023. His passion for physiotherapy stems from his sporting background in rugby league, rugby union and volleyball for which he underwent physiotherapy rehabilitation firsthand. He studied at the University of Queensland and graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours. Rhys has strong foundations in the private practice sector and has a passion for working with clients across a broad spectrum of activities and abilities. He is experienced in working with elite athletes including marathoners, triathletes, cross-fitters and golfers as well as coaching aspiring runners, gym goers and office workers to facilitate returning to work and an active lifestyle.

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