Third Space PT Theo Davis

Theo Davis

Theo is an enthusiastic trainer with a fine eye for detail. Specialising in a blend of corrective exercise and performance style training, he helps his clients of all abilities to maximise their functional or athletic potential.

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Strength & Conditioning
Functional Training
Sport Specific Training
Weight Loss
Injury Prevention
Run-Specific Training


Rep Level 3
EXOS Performance Specialist
Champion Performance Therapy & Training Specialist


Theo is passionate about creating programs that achieve complementary improvements in both performance and longevity, rather than sacrificing one to optimise the other. Movement quality forms the heart of his approach. Theo’s attention to detail has helped his clients gain control of their bodies whilst preventing unnecessary wear and tear by addressing faulty movement patterns. Recognising the subtle art of program design, Theo is known for addressing factors like postural alignment, strength, mobility and stability with his clients’ programming, allowing them to get the most out of their training plans regardless of their experience or physical limitations. Theo believes in training all qualities of fitness, with keen interests in cycling, running and many of the popular field sports. Theo has expertise training for both strength and endurance sports, along with sport-specific training plans.

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