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Stephanie Whitehead

Steph has a goal-orientated approach to training and believes even the smallest of goals make training more fun and give you something to work towards. Her psychology background helps her to coach people in a style that gets the best out of them as well as reducing stress levels. She likes to mix strength-training with high intensity workouts to achieve highly effective results in strength, fitness and weight loss.

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Strength Training
Weight Loss
Olympic Lifting
High Intensity Training
Performance Enhancement


BSc Psychology
Level 3 Personal Training Premier
Precision Nutrition
Mike Boyle Certified Functional Strength Coach
British Weightlifting Level 1
CrossFit Level 1
Functional Movement Screen
KBT Education Strength & Conditioning


Steph was a regular fitness competitor in the UK X-training circuit. After winning successive competitions, she topped the UK rankings in the intermediate category and moved on to competing at Crossfit in teams, pairs and as an individual. Her own training is centred around Olympic lifting, strength and Crossfit but uses a tailored approach to suit each client and their goals.

Steph is a Elite Personal Trainer and covers both the physical and psychological aspects of training to ensure that health and fitness is a priority in her clients’ busy lives.

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