Sonny Phung

Sonny began his journey training in Calisthenics and competing in the Ireland & UK Calisthenics competition, ranking 6th. He has since armed himself with an education in Strength & Conditioning, alongside in-depth knowledge of the technical skills required for Olympic Weightlifting. 

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Strength and Conditioning
Functional Training


Level 4 Strength & Conditioning
Level 4 S&C Award Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes
Level 4 S&C Award Performance Movement Coach
Level 3 Personal Training


Sonny’s approach with his clients is unique to each individual however, his focus centres on bodyweight control with an emphasis on mobility; freedom of movement is the foundation principle for his practice. Passionate in nurturing the mind-body connection and empowering his clients, Sonny can elevate you to the next level of your fitness journey.


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