Third Space Fitness Manager Sam Lynch

Sam Lynch

Sam's goal is to help you build a strong and resilient body for life through individualised training and a sustainable nutrition strategy.

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Nutrition for Health and Performance
Sustainable Fat Loss
Behaviour Change
Muscle Gain
Human Performance
Cardiac Rehabilitation


BSc Sport and Exercise Science
BACPR Cardiac Rehab Specialist
Mac Nutrition Certified Nutritionist
PN1 Nutrition Coach
PPSC Pain Free Performance Specialist
ACSM Exercise Physiologist


Sam has been in the industry for over 10 years and believes that everyone deserves to be treated and coached as the individual they are. Seeing himself as a lifelong learner, Sam is always refining his practice to ensure his clients get the best results possible. Combining his expertise in nutrition and human movement, Sam will help you achieve results for life. As a competitor in endurance sports, Sam understands what it takes to develop a bulletproof mindset and push past your limitations.

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