Third Space Personal Trainer Rachel Brookes-Bent

Rachel Brookes-Bent

Rachel’s coaching philosophy revolves around the balance and longevity of her clients. Fuelled by creativity from her dance background, Rachel brings a unique approach to coaching that ensures consistency and long-term success.

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Strength and Mobility
Posture and Functional Movement
Holistic Health and Wellbeing


Level 3 PT
BA(Hons) Ballet and Contemporary dance
Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma
Pre and Post-Natal
Level 2 Mental Health and Wellbeing
Exercise Referral for Health Management (In Progress)


Rachel has worked and competed as a professional dancer, and understands both the beauty and the demands of movement on the body. She uses this experience to coach her clients towards finding harmony between maximum strength, mobility and balance.

Training with Rachel will teach you how to take charge of your health and fitness journey by integrating exercise, nutrition and mental health to achieve optimal wellbeing.

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