Jimmy Braiden

Jimmy has been a Personal Trainer since 2007, working in Dubai and London. He is incredibly passionate about getting people results and changing the way they see themselves. Jimmy takes both himself and his clients from strength to strength, applying his extensive nutrition and training knowledge. Jimmy is a diverse and versatile personal trainer who can adapt to any client and any situation.

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Strength and conditioning
Pad work drills
Posture assessment and improving bio-mechanics
Weight management
Sports specific training


Diploma in fitness instructor with premier
Diploma in sports massage with premier
Premier training level 2 on nutrition
Pad work course
Diploma in personal training with premier
Advanced posture training


Jimmy has a very personalised approach with every client. Depending on their lifestyle and work life, he tailors training sessions, dietary advice and food lists so that goals are reached no matter the circumstance.

Throughout his personal training career, Jimmy has trained clients with very specific sports based goals. He has trained at boxing camps, trained clients for obstacle racing, intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet blueprint, fat loss and muscle hypertrophy, cross-fit, hockey polo and have improved posture for a dressage jockey. The list goes on. So if your goals are to improve your sporting performance, Jimmy’s diverse experience will sure help you in your journey.

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