Third Space PT Fraser Kitching

Fraser Kitching

Fraser has a wealth of experience in getting results for his clients. A background in competitive sports has helped him understand how to motivate and work strategically to get the best out of clients. Whatever your goals are, Fraser will help you achieve them.

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Sports Performance
Strength Training
Body Re-composition
Hypertrophy Training
Strength and Conditioning
Fat Loss


BSc Sport and Exercise Science
Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer


Fraser will help you achieve long-term change, not just a quick fix. From playing rugby to completing hybrid training challenges, Fraser knows what it takes to achieve goals. Fraser has a drive to constantly improve as a trainer, continuously engaging in the latest research and studies to help his clients move and perform better. With Fraser, clients can shape your programme to work best for them, making sessions challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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