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David Paquette


Weight loss
Body sculpting
Confidence coaching


Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner
Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (QCF)
Nutrition and Weight Management Level 3


What is your pre and post work out go to food?

Pre would be porridge with bananas and honey. Post would be depending on the day of the week it would be bio yoghurt with fresh fruit or pancake.

What has been your favourite moment/highlight of being a PT?

I've had many, getting clients bodies sculpted for their wedding, empowering clients with confidence, getting them ready for triathlons or boxing tournaments. I've enjoyed every one of them.

Top motivational tip?

Your mind is the key for successful weight loss, book a session with and find out more top tips with me.

Trainer Bio

David is known in the MUAY Thai Community for doing the unthinkable, which is become W.K.N World Champion ranked Number one fighter in the UK at 70kgs. However he only began training in this incredibly tough sport at the age of 24, with no previous experience in martial arts.

David is a Tier 2 Personal Trainer

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