Dave Starowicki

With a passion for fitness and wellness, David is a dedicated personal trainer specialising in holistic training methods, bodybuilding, and nutrition.

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Strength Training
Mental health awareness
Holistic Training
Technique correction


Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor


Dave’s training philosophy extends beyond workouts. It’s about understanding each client’s unique journey and crafting personalised programs to make lasting lifestyle changes. Since 2017, he has empowered clients of all ages to achieve their fitness goals through a comprehensive approach that addresses physical fitness, mental well-being, and nutrition.

Dave has a track record of supporting individuals with mental health challenges, using exercise and nutrition as powerful tools for holistic healing. As an ex-rugby player specialising in bodybuilding and strength training, he brings extensive knowledge and experience to every session, ensuring optimal results while prioritising safety and technique.

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