Third Space PT Danny Webster

Danny Webster

Danny believes that your goals are as unique as you are - so it’s time to ask why your training and diet isn’t? Stop following the crowd and start looking, feeling and progressing the way you deserve to. No more cookie-cutter plans, no more painting-by-numbers - just specific, efficient programming built passionately with your life in mind.

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Strength and Conditioning
Injury prevention
Fat loss
Muscle gain


Level 3 Qualified PT
LDNM Nutrition Coach


Danny has spent 10 years honing his craft in the fitness industry. Originally, he planned to become a police officer or the lead singer of a world-touring band. One of those worked out for a while. The other – sadly – did not. Dreams aside, his passion has always been to help others to achieve their very best and that’s exactly the reason he is now a PT. Do you need a programme to help you see progress? Could you use advice with your nutrition and lifestyle? Is motivation something that you’re struggling with? Whether it’s being able to pick up heavier weights, feel more confident in your skin, or simply finding that belief in yourself to do something you’ve told yourself you could never do, Danny wants to be there to support you through it. And maybe one day he will sing at Wembley!

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