Third Space PT - Danielle Frost

Danielle Frost

Danielle draws on her varied training background and experience to inspire and motivate her clients. She believes what you do outside of the gym is just as important as the time you spend in the gym and takes a holistic approach to clients’ programmes to help build positive habits and improve their lifestyle for the better.

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Strength Training
Women’s Health & Wellbeing
Pre and Postnatal Training & Rehabilitation
Weight Management & Body composition
Behaviour Change & Lifestyle Management
Nutritional Support


CFSC Level 1
Personal Trainer Level 3
Women's Health Practitioner Level 4
Pre and Post Natal Certified
LDNM Nutrition Coach
Spin Instructor (GIC)


Danielle is a strength coach and women’s health practitioner specialising in female health, pre/postnatal training and rehabilitation. Working with clients to build a strong body and mind, to understand how to work with their bodies through every stage of life. Using a combination of functional and strength-based training delivering tailored programmes. Working closely with clients to improve their physique, mindset and overall, wellbeing; with a focus on building confidence through education, training and nutritional support to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Danielle is an Elite Personal Trainer

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