5 Soothing Tips To Enjoy The Ultimate Relaxing Bath


5 Soothing Tips To Enjoy The Ultimate Relaxing Bath

How wrong can you get it when taking a bath, really? Very – it turns out! Allow the Third Space Spa experts to put you in the running for your best soak yet

The idea of a bath is always a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Whether that dip lives up to the self-imposed hype is another question. You yearn for a relaxing soak, surrounded by suds, and all the related benefits to sore muscles, tired skin and burnt-out brain. But the reality rarely matches. It starts with the gasp of lowering yourself into scalding water, is punctuated by knocking your head on a tap and ends when the essential oils start irritating, rather than soothing, your skin. To get it right every time, follow these simple steps.

Turn on the cold tap too

Super-hot bath water might be good on sore muscles, but it’s not doing your skin any good. Hot water can be abrasive, stripping the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dehydrated and dull-looking. Hot water on your face can cause acne flare-ups, breakouts, and skin irritation. Use this general rule of thumb: if it’s hot enough to make you sweat, it’s too hot.

Set a timer

Don’t believe everything you see in the movies. An hour in the tub is doing more damage than prune-y fingers. Try to limit yourself to 15 minutes. Anything longer than that will begin to strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to inflammation and irritation.

Leave any shaving until afterwards

Shaving opens your pores and sometimes creates little nicks in the skin. If you take a bath directly after, you’re allowing germs and bacteria to reach those places, which will not only sting straight away, but then stay red and uncomfortable long after you’ve towelled off, too.

Put essential oils in a diffuser instead

Yes, essential oils make your bath smell amazing. But essential oils should never be mixed with water because they won’t dilute. And whilst essential oils are rich in antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients beneficial for the skin, most of them include fragrance ingredients that can significantly irritate the skin. To enjoy the health benefits of the smell, without sabotaging your skin, set up a diffuser in the bathroom with you.

Moisturise afterwards

Since baths can dry out your skin, moisturising afterward is a must. Immediately following your bath, moisturise your skin while it’s still slightly damp to seal in moisture. You’ll feel refreshed, silky smooth and well placed to turn your bath into a regular indulgence, rather than a once-in-a-blue-moon disappointment.

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