How To Plant The Seeds For A Well-Being Boost At Home


How To Plant The Seeds For A Well-Being Boost At Home

Follow these recommendations from the experts at Patch Plants to bring some blooming great health benefits into your house.

The City is a wonderful place. Bright lights and culture are on your doorstep, and nowhere else can you tap into the latest trends so easily – be they in fashion or fitness. But after months spent staring at the walls of your home office, and tiring of the same old park loop, craving the great outdoors is understandable. Nature is good for your health, after all.

But there’s no need to join the great, post-COVID migration to the suburbs just yet; bringing the outdoors inside is a scientifically-certified route to ensuring your well-being flourishes. Research suggests that just looking at the greenery of house plants is enough to lower stress hormones, plus they have the power to purify the air – energising your workouts and protecting your lungs. One study even suggested that compounds called phytoncides, emitted by plants, have the power to reduce your cancer risk (apparently).

How To Plant The Seeds For A Well-Being Boost At Home
How To Plant The Seeds For A Well-Being Boost At Home

Whether you believe that or not, it’s no stretch to understand that allowing the burgeoning trend for house plants to take root in your own home is worthwhile. Here’s how.

Pick a proper air purifier

Our in club air systems are some of the most advanced in the country, with integrated with bipolar ionisation technology to maximise fresh air, over and above regulation levels. But you can benefit from a breath of fresh air at home too. Fill a room with plants and you’ll help clean up the air in your home. Plants naturally suck up pollutants from the air and pump out lots of lovely oxygen. The more plants you have, the more air-purifying power. But some are better than others. Patch recommends: weeping fig, golden pothos and English ivy.

Pick an un-killable plant

If you are new to plant parenting, there are plenty of options available that are low maintenance enough to forgive you for the odd missed watering. Zamioculcas is a rare and beautiful plant with dark green, almost black leaves that is almost unkillable. A great place to start for anyone.

Pick one for shady spots

Or, we guess, one that’s ready for British winter. With glossy leaves and simple white flowers, Peace Lily’s are an elegant addition to any home. They are tough and will endure even the darkest spots in your home.

Pick one that makes a great gift

Available in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes, succulents make a thoughtful gift. They need minimal care and look gorgeous. Buy a few and recommend your friend bunch them together for maximum impact.

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