How to Make Time For Exercise When Hybrid Working


How to Make Time For Exercise When Hybrid Working

Even though it may seem you have more time (and space) to slot in a training session when you’re working from home, the reality is that it’s often a more laborious process. Having to attend to looming deadlines, frequent distractions and tasks around the home can mean that your planned fitness session gets bumped down the ladder when life gets in the way. 


Until now, that is. Below, with the masterful advice of Third Space Soho Member Cordelia Wrede, we walk you through a five-step guide to building a fluid approach to your fitness when you’re juggling days in the office and WFH. 


Plan Your Week

Just like you would with tasks during your working day, make sure you allocate time for your health and exercise. By breaking down your sessions according to your goal, you’ll be able to find time to slot in some exercise and, handily, use it as a tool to maintain momentum. “I know I am in the office Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I always book Formula 3 for Monday morning to get me off to a good start in the week” explains Wrede. “Then, I plan my weights session using equipment I have missed while the gym was closed for one lunchtime, to break up my working day. I also try to go to the gym at the weekend for a swim and sauna with my boyfriend when we have more time to relax.”


Big Lifts at the Gym 

Unless you have a home gym set-up that could rival a professional sports team, it would make sense to structure your training so that your sessions that require the most equipment or heavier weights are done at the gym. “I do my heavier weights sessions in the gym, as I don’t have any heavy weights at home,” says Wrede. “In these sessions I tend to do barbell squats, heavy deadlifts and hip thrusts.”


Train Your Form and Unilateral Exercises at Home 

Conversely, when you’re at home, use the time and kit available to focus on using lighter weights with squeaky-clean form. Also, unilateral (one-sided) work — for example, Bulgarian split squats, step-ups and dumbbell rows — to build strength. “At home, I focus on unilateral work such as Bulgarian split lunges which need a lower weight and I really focus on perfecting my form,” says Wrede. “I also love the upper body workouts on the app which I try to do once a week. I’ve really started to notice some definition in my arms.”


Try New Classes

There’s no better way to push your boundaries while trying something new than booking yourself into a signature Third Space class. If you’ve trained on the Third Space app before, you’ll be familiar with our different classes and offerings. So why not experience it IRL at your local club? Like Wrede, you’ll be glad you did: “I tried Pilates with Eve on the Third Space app. I was always intimidated to book into a class at the club as I had never one before,” she explains. “But, I gave it a go and really enjoyed the core work and really felt the exercises working so I kept it up and now I feel confident to go to Pilates classes in my club.”


Use The App To Track Your Workouts 

If you struggle to stay accountable or to keep track of how your strength and fitness is progressing, tap-in to Third Space’s bespoke personal training programmes. Available on the Third Space app, you’ll be taken through a range of workouts that are built around your fitness goals and help you keep track of your progress. “I follow a lower body PT programme and, each week, I track the weight I’ve used, how many reps I did at that weight and how many sets so I can progress each week,” says wrede. “It really motivates me seeing how much more I can do.”

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