3 Partner Workouts To Make More Of Your Park Meet-Ups


3 Partner Workouts To Make More Of Your Park Meet-Ups

Gyms may now be open, but whilst the sun shines and we all work out what the ‘new normal’ means, we know some of you will still be working out well, outside.

To help you make the most of the great outdoors, Third Space Master Trainer Luke Barnsley delivers a trio of brutal sessions, so you can combine your conditioning with a catch-up.

WOD 1: ‘Shuttle Hustle’

2x 50m Shuttle Run (100m in total)

Partner waits in plank position

Keep going until both people have run the shuttle 6 times each

Straight into

100 You-Go-I-Go Air Squats

50 YGIG Burpees

25 YGIG Butterfly Sit-Ups


WOD 2: ‘Rather You than Me’

10 Minute Time Cap

Buy In: (All Reps are totals between 2 people, one person works, one person rests)

400 High Knees

200 Mountain Climbers

100 Plank Jacks

50 Burpees

Straight into AMRAP for remaining time:

30 Synchro Reverse Lunges

20 Synchro Walkout Press Ups

10 Synchro Burpee Tuck Jumps


WOD 3: ‘Run n’ Fun’

10km run

Every 1km you must complete:

80 Synchro Star Jumps

40 YGIG Squats

20 YGIG Burpees

10 YGIG Alternating Jump Lunges

Don’t forget to do this after finishing the last kilometre – no cheating!

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