5 Hardcore Calorie-Burning Workouts To Spice Up Your Week


5 Hardcore Calorie-Burning Workouts To Spice Up Your Week

Consider these further proof of Master Trainer Luke Barnsley’s evil genius

Not everyone is following a programme. Not everyone can make the gym Monday to Friday at 7am. For some it’s more ad hoc, squeezing in workouts where you can as you battle work deadlines and, well, life. Which can make things a little more difficult. While every gym session should be applauded, walking in the gym with no idea what you’re going to do is a common problem. Gratifyingly, we have a short-term solution – a pick and mix selection of workouts that can fit into your time frame and, though they’re not targeted to any goal specific to you, will help you to tear through some calories, burn off stress and build muscle whenever you get the chance to tear away from your desk.

You can use the short ones as a finisher to your usual session or mix and match to fill whatever time frame you have. How you deploy them is up to you, but whatever you do, you’re going to sweat.



‘Blind Faith’

8-minute Max Kcals Airbike

Cover the screen with your towel. No data from the bike must be visible. Set an alarm on your phone and just go. No music, no headphones. Learn to use your mind to generate strength.



1000ft Versa Climber

With x5 Thrusters EMOM

Males 15kg Females 8kg Dumbbell Pair

EMOM starts at 1:00 not 0:00



12 minutes max distance ski erg



“Bonnie” (twin WOD)

4 minute Max Kcals AirBike

90s Rest

2 minute Max Reps Burpees

or “Clyde” (individual WOD)

4 Minute Max Kcal Row

90s Rest

2 Minutes Max Box Jump 20’

(Your score for each is Kcals + Reps)




(This means do 21 reps of both exercises, then to 15 reps of both exercises and follow the rep counts until you finish with 21 again.)

Wall balls (Male 9kg / Female 6kg)

Dumbbell single arm snatch (Male 15kg / Female 10kg)

*for snatch, the reps are totals, not 21 each arm, 21 total. Same with 15 and 9.

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