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Natural Fitness Food Delivered

Natural Fitness Food Delivered is here.

Freshly made, from natural ingredients and delivered whenever you want. Build your own menu each day or let us create a menu of delicious meals and snacks for you. Delivered to your home or office on the days you choose.


The beginning

Natural Fitness Food (NFF) was created 6 years ago out of a gap in the market for delicious post-workout food aimed at time-poor but health-conscious members visiting Third Space clubs in London.

We started offering a small range of meals with Meat, Fish & Vegetarian options that changed daily. We grew as did the demand for our products and we quickly expanded the range into breakfast options & snacks; as well opening Shake Bars, offering coffee & supplements alongside our fresh shakes. We evolved into a one-stop convenient choice for Third Space members who didn’t want to have to think about prepping food, but didn’t want to resort to eating boring, bland meals to stay on track.

We introduced our Categories range in 2017, changing to a fixed menu allowing people to align their eating habits. This meant customers had even more choice each day, as well as making sure that their favourites were always available too.

There has and always will be a big focus on the quality and flavours that go into our products, we are all so proud of the delicious dishes that we are creating and sharing.  When new dishes and products are launched, we want you to be just as excited as we are.

We have always made everything fresh from scratch ourselves, every day. From prepping the meat and vegetables, to making our sauces & marinades, our team of chefs start from the beginning each day to ensure the end product is consumed how we want it to be – as fresh and delicious as possible.

We focus on a premium product using free-range eggs & chicken and keep our menu development focused around seasonal produce. At NFF we welcome trying out new things and look for new inspiration so that our products develop and improve.

We firmly believe healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

The time is now for delivery

We have often been asked about delivery from our sites. With our brand new kitchen and some unexpected time to expand into it, now is the perfect time for NFF to grow and spread into new parts of London, not just Third Space members.

The pandemic has forced many businesses to pivot, not just to survive but to thrive in this ‘new normal’. We believe that more people than ever will be looking to improve their health, whether that be in their training, nutrition or overall lifestyle and we want to support people to achieve these goals in a delicious way.

How can I order?

We wanted our delivery service to be as flexible as you want and need it to be. To get you going make sure to use our discount code ‘Thirdspace20′ for 20% off your first order of any value.

Choose from our three plans:

Build Your Own Day Pack:

  • Choose from our menu to select two meals, and two Snacks and/or Shake

Set Day Plan:

  • You select your dietary requirements & delivery date, we’ll build a menu for you

Need some help? Choose our 8-Week Nutrition Programme

  • Working with our registered nutritionist, you’ll receive a personalised plan and ongoing support based on your goals to get you where you want to be!


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