How Third Space Creates World-Class PTs


How Third Space Creates World-Class PTs

Through Third Space Education, our flagship mentoring and training scheme, our in-house team of trainers and health experts are making a measurable difference, and we’re helping them get there. Here, Josh Silverman, Head of Education at Third Space, walks you through everything you need to know about our Education programme. 


Our education is underpinned by the latest research. We teach personal trainers about how to apply this with someone who is time-poor but wants maximum results, without feeling like they have been hit with a sledgehammer the next day. We don’t just let our trainers go on the gym floor and do whatever they like. They follow the Third Space training principle: client-centered training that delivers results. 


We have a robust method that all our clients go through. From initial assessment through to long term programming, we think of the longevity of the programme and training well into senior age. We don’t just stick a weight on your back because we can. Instead, we pick exercises that maximise results but minimise injury risk.


Our education system gives our PTs a career path with access to some of the most prestigious qualifications in the world. Throughout the progression through their education modules, they are observed with constant feedback for development so that they are becoming the very best PT they can be from the moment they step in our doors


Our PTs have access to a world-class in-house education team. But, we also have partners such as Mike Boyle S&C, British Weightlifting and Integra Education. Our trainers have access to some of the most in-demand companies to learn from. It helps form a supportive, challenging and high-performance environment that has development directly at the forefront. 


Each assessment of the programme is done at a client level.  We observe and assess our PTs on what matters: the application of their knowledge in a client’s session.


Lastly, we don’t teach just for the sake of education. We care about how we can ensure our product is of the highest quality using evidence-based practice.


Training at Third Space is about more than just sets and reps. It’s about helping you feel your best, to perform optimally and be the best version of yourself. That’s why, no matter your training discipline or workout style, we’ve invested heavily in the experts that help you make your fitness space your own. Find the right Personal Trainer for you at

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